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Witcher Logic Short Film

Viva La Dirt League
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Geralt drags Dandelion along on a harrowing quest filled with blood, elixirs and horrifying monsters!
Who’s up for a season 2…?



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  1. My God that was amazing. Plz make more episodes. It awesome.

  2. This is better than the actual game. Playing the game, I kept yelling, 'Make it Stop, Make it Stop! This is so stupid, when is it going to be over?' Rowan is too handsome to play the ugly degenerate, Geralt.

  3. כמה רעים הם עובדי מדינת ישראל ובולעות הזרע מירושלים

  4. please make a whole episode! this is brilliant and proffesional work! well done!

  5. wtf is this insanly good production… you guys are nuts… all of you… is the Bruxa on plenty of fish by chance?

  6. Absolutely lost it when Gerald took all the useless shit from the old ladies house 😂.
    My Gerald picked Novigrad absolutely clean to the last broken broom.

  7. Alan is such a perfect cast for Dandelion. He was meant to play the role. And Rowan also did a good job bringing the perfect balance between seriousness and comedy! Would love to see more of this in the future❤️❤️

  8. That where some amazing figth scenes and CGI.

  9. Using his Witcher senses, I can tell this is high quality production.

  10. I thought this was all good…but at the end when he goes inside the woman's hut to look for stuff!! 😂😂😂…then comes out with a bag of oats and a stool 😂😂😂… "This will do"😂😂😂 omg I nearly died!

  11. Lol I quit playing because the "too many" quests got overwhelming.

  12. These guys always have me crying from laughter. 😆😂

  13. I believe they should make The witcher series.

  14. This is absolutely perfect. I have been saying how incredibly dumb Geralt is for years, but you show it so well. Also, I was secretly hoping that the last potion he took was the cat and he just blinded himself in broad daylight!

  15. Can’t forget “my family is dead! Some beast killed them all!”
    “That’s a shame….care for a round of Gwent?”

  16. This was so much better than the woke garbage Netflix churned out. Please don't ever sell yourself to corporate media. Us fans love the great work you do.

  17. the only role playing game I've ever played where you get no experience for randomly going out and grinding you have to physically do the quests and listen to every drab world they say if I wanted to read a story I would read a story when I play an RPG I want to smash and kill stuff

  18. I really enjoy the story, the acting, the cast, everything. Well Done!
    You guys can make your own indie movies!

  19. clearly they've played the game with the 'hmmm…. wind's howling' remark and looting the shit out of houses😂

  20. This is the result of years of monster induced concussions 😂

  21. it reminds me of the succubus missions… if you paid attention to the talk it was obviously evil hahaha 😊

  22. Oh my god!😂 that was something!! Im very big fan of witcher 3 (played it 284h) and that video was perfectly described what is that!

    Ps. minus points becouse no mention of qwent😄

  23. The looting sorry the "payment" was spot on 😂😂😂

  24. The only inaccurate thing about this video is Dandelion making sesnse😂

  25. 😂😂 the.last house looting is too hilarious

  26. It would be hilarious if there was a load screen or short loading lag when he entered the barn lmao

  27. watching this as a short film and love how each video seamlessly turns into the next video.

  28. 4:20 this scene just reminds me of my life especially at work
    where people gather around for 15 minutes talking about a problem, and the whole time you have it figured out and he keep trying to bring it up, and people look you in the eyes as you say it, then look away and continue to groupthink with each other while completely disregarding y ou. then another 15 minutes later they go "ahh yes we've figured it out" and they repeat what you said half an hour ago

    classic sheepism/jockism

  29. "You can have too many potions" might be the first thing Rowan ever actually admitted as any character.

  30. Pretty accurate depiction of the Witcher games, but Geralt didn't f*ck any sorceresses so I can't accept it as canon.

  31. I usually enjoy this channel's content, but this stopped being funny around the third or fourth time the phrase "Witcher senses" was uttered. It is possible for a running gag to be overplayed.

  32. quality, great video, couldn't stop laughing

  33. Geralt looting the old woman was hilarious

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