Winky Think Logic Puzzle Game part 3 gameplay -

Winky Think Logic Puzzle Game part 3 gameplay

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Today part 3 of Winky Think (levels from 40 up).

In the wideo we solve puzzles from 90 upwards. These puzzles are getting more and more difficult, don’t you think?

But we managed anyway. LOL.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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About the app:

A set of 180 puzzles (logic/eye-hand coordination).

Slide and sort shapes and other items and match colors to solve each puzzle and progress to the next level.

Puzzles get progressively difficult (you will have to deal with various obstacles).

Type: #puzzlegame #shapesandcolors #gamesforkids

Age range: 4+ (preschool children)
Original Appysmarts Score: 88/100
Platform: iPad

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