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Why Is LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games?

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Why Is LSAC Removing LSAT Logic Games?

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  1. LSAT can simply waive the game section for the blind, without changing the test at all. Let the blind person get admitted and sue law schools for using print books and print materials that require vision.

  2. I wonder how this will affect future admissions. Do t14 schools and other general schools looking for fairly high scores decrease expectations based on the first wave of scores

  3. Could you possibly do a video for applicants finding themselves on the waitlist and how this cycle has played a factor in the amount of students who get put on it?

  4. When is this change is coming into effect?

  5. It would only be removed for those it applies to from what i'm understanding. and probably won't be effected until a few years to come.

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