When Will LSAC Remove LSAT Logic Games? June 2022 LSAT Update - evolve-gaming.com

When Will LSAC Remove LSAT Logic Games? June 2022 LSAT Update

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When Will LSAC Remove LSAT Logic Games? June 2022 LSAT Update

LSAC committed to complete research and development into a new version of the test without the current Logic Games section by next year.

Their survey questions for some test-takers on the June LSAT could be the start of that research.

Will LSAT Logic Games Be Removed? Analysis:

Full class (above is an excerpt):

LSAC Press Release About Settlement:

“LSAC will complete this work within the next four years, which will enable all prospective law school students to take an exam administered by LSAC that does not have the current AR section but continues to assess analytical reasoning abilities.”

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  1. It’s been 4 months. Has anything changed? Should I keep studying logic games as normal?

  2. With all due respect to Angelo, diagramming will always benefit test takers on conditional logic questions, even in the logical reasoning section. Any instance requiring test takers to infer an unprovided relationship based on two or more provided ones is inherently benefited by the use of diagrams. Thus, I'm concerned the only way to properly ensure "blind test takers aren't at a disadvantage when it comes to diagrams" is to outright remove scratch paper altogether, essentially prohibiting any attempt to diagram.

  3. Yeah, LSAC ain't gonna tell you when this change gonna take place until THEY want to. I tried calling and two different employees told me they had no idea what I was talking about. Sure they didn't.

  4. It would be interesting to see if they can do those Logic Games, but then they will be quite easier. And it seems ridiculous that they would prohibit the use of paper. I don’t see a game where a paper can’t help. Hope it really doesn’t change too much for 2024, and that it is just an implementation for special accommodations and the rest of the LSAT stays the same. Seems the most logical one

  5. sometimes, your videos feel like click-bait vs actual useful information.

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