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What taunting looks like in video games – Taunt

Viva La Dirt League
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Taunt logic in video games is kinda of weird when you think about it



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  1. Y o m a m a m m a d I d a p o o p o o

  2. I love how the music gets serious at 1:02 because Hamish brought out the big guns

  3. This video would have been fine without Hamish. But with Hamish, it just went to a whole new level.

  4. How do you participate in this in any way with a straight face? This was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Subbed!

  5. Freakin Hamish is great… i want a channel just of him… love the rest of the gang but if i need a laugh … Hamish is the go to

  6. Thats me taunting the ghost in phasmophobia.

  7. Congratulations, you have successfully failed the quest!

  8. "your mama made a big poopoo out of her bombom, and it was disgusting"

  9. I love these vids, I've seen most of them now xxx. Are they based on a particular game? It looks really good.

  10. Someone give Hamish his chockey biscuit for this one. 🤣😂🤣

  11. Talent points in improved taunt: 5/5
    Stamina on gear: -100

  12. you need just to taunt the guy, not put him on berserk, dude!

  13. *levels up and spends skillpoint in Taunt
    Yo momma!

  14. Can someone tag me in a Hamish compilation lol, I could watch this guy all day. Good laughs

  15. Is this what your opponent's pokemon hear when you use Taunt?

    I can't imagine what Pokemon with Mindreader see when you use Nasty Plot.

  16. I must have watched this a hundred times this is just awesome well done gentlemen

  17. I love how this is exactly what a taunt on the playground between little children looks like. The fact that adults play it out just makes it hilarious.

  18. I can't like these because of the literal worst theme song ever, but the content is pretty guldt

  19. Top game mechanic that needs to be replaced ASAP

  20. I swear to god this dude was the guy Ubbe fought 1vs1 in Vikings.

  21. "I'm a healer I shouldn't even be attacking" Famous last words of bad healers.

  22. maybe a 6'7 girl would be better then a 6 something mokhal stormheart

  23. I love how many comments these guys respond to

  24. That is absurd. Last time I checked, females don't poo poo.

  25. That moment when you realize that you're taunt worked 😁
    And then you realize that you're taunt worked 😱

  26. I love this so much, like they aren't even good taunts 😂 and the way he's like "I did it, I taunted him!" Good stuff, Epic NPC man is probably my favorite sketch they do.

  27. Stinkiest poopoo from her buttbutt ever, but great video 😀

  28. Of course that the healer was under attack! Any foe Will just dodge anyone in the party… Just for attack the healer

  29. And after killing the tank, the boss turned around and one-shotted the healer. 🤣

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