Very HARD Logic Puzzles! (the solutions are so satisfying!!) -

Very HARD Logic Puzzles! (the solutions are so satisfying!!)

WES Barker
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3 Logic Puzzle. The Wine Barrel, The Burning Rope, and The Bridge + Torch Puzzle. They are not easy, but they are super fun!

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  1. I went down the same path with the torch riddle 😂 The Farmers riddle is the misdirection. If you like such riddles you know how that riddle works or can (re)figure it out. Than you see the torch riddle and be like "yeah I got this… wait"

  2. Thinking to much. Great show. 💙💯💥👌

  3. Just saw your FU trophy in the background. Congrats on that!

  4. I'll put my guesses here as I get to each riddle : 1 ) Tilt the barrel till the liquid is just touching the top of the barrel's opening . If you can see the bottom it's more than half empty , if you can't it's more than half full . 2 ) ( I feel like this question is vague in that it claims they burn at " different rates " when it also claims they each take one hour to burn . Thus one length of rope = 1 hour . That's not inconsistent , that's exactly the same by the standard you are being given ) Best guess … light both ends of rope 1 while lighting just one end of rope 2. As the two flames on rope 1 converge ( which , theoretically should be 1/2 hour ) light the unlit end of rope 2. The 2nd rope , having burned for 1/2 hour should now have the 2 lit ends meet at ( theoretically ) 1/2 of 1/2 hour or 15 minutes . Add the 1/2 hour measured by the first ropes burn and you should have 45 minutes. If this isn't the answer , I blame the vague nature of the question ( … and my limited capacity to solve logic puzzles , LOL ) 3) I'm tapping out on this one because I can't see a solution where you count Alice's return trip from escorting the other three against the 15 minutes of torch time. Congrats to anyone who got all 3. The third was a b*tch, LOL.

  5. More than the puzzle, I'm frustrated with why would someone take 8 minutes to cross when someone can cross in a minute 😂

  6. I knew the solution to the Wine Barrel puzzle immediately, because it's a technique that I sometimes use in the kitchen. It assumes the container has a certain symmetry, but most barrels have that symmetry. (And so do our measuring cups.)

  7. #1: The final solution was actually my very first guess but I wasn't sure if the barrel is open at all.#2: Took me a little longer. I started thinking like Wes but the moment he talked about lighting the second rope at the same time as the first (~4:30) I knew the solution.#3: That's right, I was reminded on a similar other puzzle, but it still took me time to get to the same solution…Nice puzzles, though.

  8. You can do the bridge one with AB first and either A or B go back then CD then Either B or A whoever was left behind so multiple choices but good job

  9. Your 45o statement is totally wrong. Though the tilting idea is correct.The rope puzzle as stated is not solvable. The rope do not burn consistently therefore they will not meet in the middle.

  10. Ok. You get a subscribe from me! Nice! Found you from Chris Ramsay. BTW – I have another solution to the wine barrel (I was in the wine business for years). Wine barrels have a hole in the exact middle of the barrel. If there is a plug in the hole, pull it out and see if wine comes out. If no plug. it's obviously less than half full. Ok, technically, somewhere within the diameter of the plug, the barrel could be more or less than half full; but that's like a 1 3/4" tolerance so maybe as good as eyeballing the bottom of the barrel with wine perfectly reaching the rim without spilling.

  11. I would just tap the side of the barrel. The level where there is no wine will sound differently than a level where there is wine.. This would work if it actually had a lid.

  12. I thought of the answer to the first one, but I thought it must be wrong because there is no lid to the barrel to be able to look inside

  13. 1) Tip the barrel until the miniscus reaches the top edge of the barrel. If you can see the bottom of the barrel above the miniscus, it is less than half full. If not, it is more than half full, unless they are both wrong and it is neither less than nor more than half full and just barely crests the bottom of the barrel.
    2) Light one rope on both ends and one rope on only one end. Wait for the rope that is burning on both ends to be burnt through, and then immediately light the other end of the rope that is burning on only one end. 60/2=30. 30/2=15. 30+15=45.
    3) Fastest two people cross, one of them comes back. Slowest two people cross. The fastest of the three on the other end comes back. Fastest two people cross. Alice and Ben can come back in either order. This said, why are they crossing a bridge if they cannot rely on the handrails? A damaged bridge isn't advisable to cross.

  14. Keep the torch under Don's slow ass. My answer was incorrect, but technically not wrong: The bridge is short enough to throw the torch across. It should have been specified as impossible to transfer the torch over the chasm, even with a rope.

  15. More of this content. I really like the logic puzzles. But most of them in YouTube are narrated by a computer douche bag. This one is only douchebag 😜😉

  16. The bridge puzzle has the spirit of the riddle and the riddle as written. The answer to spirit of it is the solution everyone likes. The as-written solution is one that got the teacher to publicly insult me in class.A and D begin to cross the bridge. A stays half way with the torch and D goes the rest of the way, that's 8 minutesC crosses the bridge, because A has the torch, which is what is needed. That's 13 total minutes alreadyThen B begins to cross and A finishes their crossing for a total of 15 minutes.

  17. Great timing Wes!! I woke up and my YT notifications showed nothing good past hour– and then a new Wes video hits– NICE!!– well I guess I'll just be 12 minutes late to work no big deal !!!! All the best in 2022.!!

  18. The last one really made me think because I just couldn't see how it's done. Congrats about your cards. Saw them on instagram, they look really cool

  19. I cannot do these logic puzzles because I overthink things way too much.

  20. Thats great. Seeing the bottom of the barrell (BOB) is my answer to most things.

  21. Theoretically it's full. Half is wine half is gas YO, Mr White chemistry.

  22. Okay so I’m a little proud of myself I solved all 3 fairly quickly. Great video Wes, love it when you upload!

  23. The instructions for your rope puzzle are inconsistent – burning at inconsistent rates means they burn througout themselves at an inconsistent rate, so lighting from both ends doesn't mean it meets the middle in 60min, the last centimeter for example could burn much slower than the rest – the only thing you know is true is that when all the rope is burnt it has been an hour (e.g. 99% of the rope could burn in 1min, and 1% in 59 min). I think the instructions in the setup are just wrong here.

  24. Puzzles??? Chris will shut you down hahah

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