Very HARD Logic Puzzles! (the solutions are so satisfying!!) -

Very HARD Logic Puzzles! (the solutions are so satisfying!!)

WES Barker
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3 Logic Puzzle. The Wine Barrel, The Burning Rope, and The Bridge + Torch Puzzle. They are not easy, but they are super fun!

BOTTOM OF THE BARREL PODCAST with Wes Barker and Chris Ramsay:


WES THEME SONG: (By Eric Vanier)

Wes Barker is a Canadian magician and comedian doing funny tricks, and telling great stories. You may know me from my TV show Big Trick Energy (truTV, Hulu, Netflix). Watch here for hilarious, ridiculous, and unfiltered ideas with magic, stunts, and pranks. Either I’m the funniest magician who is also a stand-up comic, or maybe I’m the comic who is the best at magic? Either way you get the idea. I tour all over doing colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events. Catch the adventures and tricks right here. With this magician / comedian from Vancouver, based out of Toronto, Canada. I make funny stuff. That’s my only rule. Everything has to be funny, from street magic to stage illusions, as long as there is a joke to be made. I do magic tricks, sketches, stand-up comedy, card tricks, mind reading, and tricks with naked people. I’ve been on America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, MTV Greatest Party Stories Ever, and Wizard Wars. You can find me pulling pranks on friends, gags on strangers, or just general sleight of hand, magic, illusions, and the occasional bar bet. Wes Barker also hosts a podcast with Chris Ramsay called Bottom Of The Barrel. Go check it out!


  1. You are so good at these. They make sense when you figure it out. Great job.

  2. Very nice! Snatch up the rest of the puzzle market that Chris has not claimed. 😀
    I do feel bad that I got none of those before you technically did, not that I paused the video to have a good think on them… but, I can admit it.

  3. Card Reviews and Magic Theory by Jesse says:

    I mean you are kinda right about the first one but there is a better answer… they can both agree that the woman is right and call it a day then they can celebrate with some 🥂 !!

  4. I Solved the last one differently but I think they should walk together.
    D and A go together first (8). then A and B walk at the same time to eachother and A waits 1 minute in the middle of the bridge for them walk across the bridge at the same time (8+2). then A and C go together(8+2+5)
    But we know which one is better😂😂

  5. first one should be knocking on the sides right? it will sound more hallow where it's empty. that's what i got

    idk maybe that wouldn't work.

  6. well done, the wine barrel also could have been done by tapping the barrel and listening for the hallow part.

  7. You should definitely make more riddle/logic puzzle videos, these are so fun to watch and solve along with!

  8. Great video! The best part was that you kept in all parts of your thinking process. It was great watching you figure them out and fun seeing the Xs appear as non-solution work through your mind

  9. SPOILER – 1) Good solution, but make sure you account of the head at the top and bottom since the capacity doesn't go all the way to the end of the staves. Perhaps easier, assuming the barrel is well made and symmetrical, is to look for the inflection point inside the barrel. If you can see where it stops growing wider and starts narrowing, then it's less than half full.

  10. SPOILER – 2) Light both ends of one. It will take 30 minutes to burn. Light one end of the other at the same time. It will have 30 minutes left when the first burns out. Light the other end then and it will burn out in 15 minutes for a total of 45.

  11. These were great puzzles, and a blast with you presenting. You also did a good job of moving from puzzle to solution without spoiling anything. Bravo.

  12. Great fun sir! Very much enjoyed these.

  13. Really enjoyed this man – thanks for sharing 🙏🏻.
    Congrats on the new cards too…looking forward to Feb 2nd 🤟

  14. I'm not sure if the solution to the third puzzle works based on the way the puzzle was presented. The way I understood it was that at all times 2 people and the torch had to be on the bridge. So, whenever you have someone going back they're alone on the bridge.

    Based on that theory, my solution would be to have A walk with B, C, or D to the center of the bridge with the torch. A waits in the center and their partner continues across. As soon as they reach the other side one of the people waiting begins to cross. Once they reach the other side the last person starts to cross, and once they reach the center A crosses the rest of the bridge with them. If the time equals the slower person's rate it doesn't matter the order because it would always be 8+5+2. In theory this way with the torch in the center everyone could see both sides of the bridge at the same time to see when they need to begin crossing or alternatively verbal commands could be used to indicate it's safe for the next person to cross

    Edit: I looked back at it and it just says, "no more than two," but they all need the torch. So, I think my idea still works as an option

  15. Bridge + Torch
    1+2 cross in 2
    2 goes back = 4
    5+8 cross = 12
    1 goes back = 13
    1+2 cross = also 15

  16. Yeah love this. I managed to get the 3rd one before you, but you beat me on the other two.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE HAZMAT PUZZLE SOLVE!!! way to show up chris lol

  18. Our version is a chicken a Fox and a bag of feed with the boat that he he can only take one across at a time

  19. I like the rope puzzle the best because that's the one I figured out the quickest. The bridge one is great too.

  20. Just saw Chris' vlog, congratulations on solving that which Chris couldn't. 👍
    And grats on solving these riddles, I doubt that I could have.

  21. The last one can also be A+B (2 mins), B (2), C+D (8), A (1), A+B (2)

  22. There's two slightly different ways of doing the last one.. After sending A and B, either one of them can make the return journey because both A and B make the journey three times, regardless of who comes back after the first trip across.

  23. Why not just set a stopwatch on the burning ropes?

  24. The bridge is just like any other problem, you always get the slow people over first… Just like anything else, you wanna get the most difficult job done first

  25. Feeling Alright by Gavin Luke? Are you a Hermitcraft fan or did you just ran across it on a music licensing service?

  26. Love this! Make it a series. I have some good logic puzzles for you bro.

  27. That truly was satisfying! Really enjoyed trying to solve these riddles with you, would enjoy more of those for sure. Congrats on solving the Hazmat puzzle!! Biggest brain 🧠 🤣 Keep up the great work Wes! 👍

  28. Solid congrats on solving the hazmat puzzle!

  29. These were great! I figured them out right after you solved them! 😲😂

  30. Wes this is the best puzzle I've ever seen in all of your videos. I love these logic puzzles. Hope you do more of these logic puzzles. Can't wait to see them

  31. Better than physical puzzles because we can interact.

  32. Commenting for algoritm. Your videos deserve more views.
    Keep up the good work!

  33. This is fun!!! you should do it live and solve it with us, we can help

  34. Great video!
    @WES Barker here is another one! You have 9 gold bars of equal size, and you know for sure one of them is fake and weighs slightly less than the others. You have a classic scale with two arms, capable of holding any amount of bars, but nothing else. Which is the quickest way to determine the fake gold bar (aka the maximum amount of measurements to take with the method is the lowest)? (Spoiler on the "more" button)


    With the right method you only need 2 measurements in total.

  35. The first one made me think: well if it’s less than half full of wine, then it’s more than half full of air.

    Riddles confuse me because I often misunderstand what the riddle is actually asking. Very annoying for standardized test taking, which is effectively a sick prolonged riddle

  36. first puzzle I may have broke the rules with my solution I thought well get another barrel half full of water and poor it into the wine if it over flows it was more than half full. But I think that may count as a measuring implement. so I lost Yay you! Second puzzle I beat you to the solution. Yay me lol… third one I had to follow along with you at about the same pace Yay us! 😃 That was a fun little video thanks!

  37. You made me feel like an idiot but at the end when you said it took you 23 minutes i was relieved

  38. That second one makes no sense. How is that any different then your logic of folding it in half twice. If it's inconsistent then your solve doesn't work

  39. Dude! This was surprisingly satisfying and delectable! I am afraid I am going to have to insist that you discover and present us with more of these fine puzzles.
    Oh and Wes, I have been listening to Bottom of The Barrel for a few weeks now, binge'ing it by queueing a couple of shows each night as I get to bed, and despite my girlfriend now insisting I put headphones in she still has to endure the odd outburst of laughter as you and Chris come out with some ludicrously witty stuff, you two are so effin funny together, especially in that format where it seems you are unrestricted and free to just talk funny sheiit! Oh man I can't get enough of these shows! Seriously! I don't ever remember you promoting the show here on your channel but I swear, you really ought to because people who appreciate your youtube stuff will be instant podcast fans!
    I used to love watching Chris do magic but to be honest I didn't really dig his Canadian persona. Not that I am against Canadians, quite the contrary in fact! I just found him a bit, um, boring 😃. Well after a few podcasts I can honestly say the guy is friggin hilarious and has had me in stitches so many times I can't count. The two of you man…there is a chemistry that comes across to the listener that warms the heart and gives a feeling of real genuine love for what you are doing, for each other, for your audience and maybe even for life itself!
    Thank you so much, my life is marred by ill health and that is one reason why I find myself almost relying on podcasts at night as I can be struggling to simply lie still comfortably in bed or to drift off, purely due to pain being too much. That is where your podcast really does have an immense value beyond what you yourself would ever assume it to have, I bet? It literally does save my day sometimes. It gets me through a time of pure struggling and suffering when I am all out of ideas to try and deal with the pain or distract myselmaway from it. Believe me, you cannot laugh a real good belly laugh and wallow in pain at the exact same time. It seems that the human body and mind is wired up this way. When one of those pathways is engaged, ie. The laughter, then the pain cannot be felt simultaneously! Honestly, this is true, I speak from experience! You should look into this topic, it is fascinating. So in theory I suppose a person could avoid pain entirely if they were somehow able to just laugh every waking minute. I know I know, hardly practical huh.
    Anyway, I am seriously rambling here so I will stop.
    I do hope I got my point across. It was only supposed to be a 'thank you for the podcast'!

    PS. I added the Heists podcast two days ago after hearing you promote it on your other one and woohoo I absolutely love that one! Don't ever stop dude, your podcast game IS STRONG!

    Holy shit man I wrote a friggin book!..

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