Using Grids to Get Your Best LSAT Score: LSAT Logic Games with Advise-In Solutions -

Using Grids to Get Your Best LSAT Score: LSAT Logic Games with Advise-In Solutions

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Using Grids to Get Your Best LSAT Score: LSAT Logic Games with Advise-In Solutions
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Kyle Pasewark, a Yale Law J.D. and perfect 180 scorer on the LSAT, founded Advise-In Solutions to help law school applicants and students secure their highest LSAT score, and their best law school admissions, law school financial aid and legal employment results. All Advise-In programs—from LSAT preparation to law school admission and law school application advising, law school “boot camp”, employment advising and law firm associate orientation—are custom-designed for each client. All Advise-In clients work directly with Kyle, who has been advising and teaching pre-law students for over a decade. So that each LSAT client receives all the personal attention needed to obtain their best LSAT score, Kyle accepts a limited number of LSAT clients in each exam cycle.

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  1. My gosh, this is such a better approach than the way I had been coming at these.

  2. This is by far the best video!! 👍❤️

  3. Can you please come back! I'm taking the LSAT this year

  4. Good stuff! I'm doing well–so far–preparing for the lsat. I usually get most of the logic game questions correct, but at a cost of spending an average of 3 minutes per question (equating to more than double the time allotted on the actual test). You're methods and advice should really come in handy tomorrow by allowing me to run through these questions more efficiently!

  5. Which exam does this example correspond to if I may politely ask please?

  6. Kyle, do you have any published LSAT books or materials? You've got it going on!

  7. It is from Exam 7. I purposefully use earlier tests for these videos, since I think you want to save the later tests for your own preparation.


  8. That is very kind, thank you. I do not have any published materials. I work intensively with individuals. I am thinking through how to do a preparation book without the disadvantages of all the ones I bought when I was preparing for the LSAT, and promptly discarded because they would have done more harm than good. My issue with all prep books is that they are too complex and are therefore damaging to the efficiency you'll need when you take the test. But stay tuned (for about a year).

  9. It's insane that if this is real time LSAT, he would still be finishing in time (~8.5 min) and while thoroughly explaining it all

  10. I have never understood these games before now. In 2 videos and less than 20 minutes you have taught me a million years worth of information!

  11. These videos are SO helpful! I wish I would have found them earlier. I am preparing to take the LSAT next month and the logic games section was making me panicky. I am already feeling more at ease. Thanks for posting these.

  12. I'm sorry, this is very useful, but why can't she have a lecture on a monday?I'm lost with that one.Thank you!

  13. what's the title of that big book you hold in your videos?

  14. Jeneil demdam, she can lecture on monday, but the question asks what day must she lexture on? The answer is tuesday beacuse in the afternoon for both options 1 and 2, there are both L's

  15. She can, albeit in the Afternoon. We're told what she does in the AM and PM, and each "subgroup" has 5 slots filled with info

  16. I'm starting to get a grip on answering logic games, but will there be an instance in which I will be needing the truth table to answer a logic games, like in LSAT?thanks!

  17. I took the LSAT once and got a 180 and don’t know what a “truth table” is. So, no, you will not need one. The serious point is that you want to make the LSAT as straightforward as you can, rather than complexifying it needlessly with “truth tables, “ elaborate logic terms, etc. Simplify, simplify, simplify!

  18. It’s a book of old LSAT’s, available from Those are the people who write the tests, and in my view, the tests are the only really valuable written practice materials available anywhere. LSAC offers 4 books of 10 and a bunch of individual tests.

  19. Right, the question is what must be true, not what could be true.

  20. Sir Pasewark, thank you for such a straightforward and simple way of understanding this kind of problem! However, is this type of grid applicable to most, if not all, logic games similar to this one?? Loved the video!

  21. Could the two world scenarios intermingle into one answer? For instance, on a particular day is it possible for her to do x and y when x and y are both possible, but only possible for two scenarios on that particular day?

  22. Wow thank you very much for the explanation. The logic games seem a lot more doable now.

  23. 5 years too late, but awesome content.. I subscribed

  24. I am still concerned regarding the amount of time spent on the tables and running out of time. EEEKKK!!!

  25. i like his delivery i like his explanations they make sense and reveal some features i was not even expecting

  26. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you for the videos. The explanations are crystal clear.

  27. I think the ONLY reason I'd continue to study any of this is because of the simplicity of the outstanding explanation of all of this.

  28. Thanks for the video. Couldn't there be an additional AM option? ROOOT?

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