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UCAT Decision Making – Lesson #9 – Logic Puzzles [UCAT 2021]

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– Welcome to lesson #9 on the UCAT decision making subtest. Here we will explore logic puzzles, an often feared element of the UCAT exam due to their complexity and the time needed to solve them. As this question type appears frequently in the UCAT decision making subtest it is essential to learn how to approach them and not lose out on marks and reduce your overall UCAT score.

With logic puzzles avoid the temptation to try and solve the puzzle in full. The best UCAT decision making strategy is to employ tunnel vision. This means reviewing the answer options and focusing your attention on the most mentioned individuals or categories. This approach will save you precious time in the UCAT decision making subtest. Watch the lesson to see this method applied to some example questions.

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  1. How much time do you spend on UCAT decision making logic puzzles? Do you try to grasp the full picture or do you focus your efforts on the most mentioned person or category in the answer options? Share your tips or worries with us and let us help!

    Ask us any questions you have about this lesson below in the comments. We will get back to you and share tips on how to increase your UCAT score.

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