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Turn 100 into Cat in 2 Move | Logic Puzzles | Custom Puzzle

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These videos WILL BLOW YOUR MIND IN 20 SECONDS. You will get amazing matchstick puzzle experience by Solving these puzzles. This 20 Second challenge will test you intelligence, If You Are A Genius Solve These 6 MATCHSTICK PUZZLE THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND IN 20 SECONDS.

In these 6 Puzzle you will take only 20 seconds not pause while playing. only good iq level person can solve all puzzles.

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  1. The "Cat" puzzle can be solved in another way, but it comes out upside down. Move the left hand vertical match from the right hand zero and place it at the bottom of the one to form an upside down "T". Move the top match from the center zero down to the middle of the zero without changing orientation to form an upside down "A" Viola, CAT upside down.

  2. You didn’t change 100 into CAT. You changed 100 into CAT

  3. on the 9 x 2 = 7 + 8 I initially just moved the top match on the 7 to make a ≠ sign so that 9 x 2 ≠ 1 + 8 Technically the equation is still true….

  4. 100 to cat is technically wrong as you moved all sticks at the end 🥴

  5. My solution for the dividing the square went to the corners. The diagonal is less than 3 units, so if you put the matches in line, they will extend past the corners. Technically this is adequate since it still divides the square, but if you want the matches to stay within the borders, you can pivot the middle stick around the center point of the square. This causes the outer matches to tilt in a symmetric way, so the resulting zigzag would still divide the square into equal portions. In fact, any configuration of the 3 matches where the midpoint of the middle match is in the exact center of the square, and the outer matches in "trans" position would divide the square equally.

  6. The last one doesn’t count they moved all of them with the twist they didn’t just move two sticks 🇨🇦✌🏻🇨🇦

  7. Anyone knows the solution for the last puzzle ! The one without solution ? 🤔

  8. I managed to get turning 100 into CAT .. but I did have to pause.
    At first I tried CAT upside down .. but then realised that it was top to bottom !

  9. Not satisfied with the 100:cat solution.
    All stick positions must be rotated to read top down. Thanks for the video

  10. I tried moving the matches but couldn't 🙁

  11. My final answer on the last one was "No! It's not possible." 😄

  12. On the cat you cheated!!! by move the whole puzzle!!!

  13. {Joke}
    Turn 100 into CAT might get you a smack !

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