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TSM vs. CLG | LCS Lock In 2021 | TSM vs. Counter Logic Gaming

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VOD of TSM vs. Counter Logic Gaming
LCS Lock In 2021

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  1. Very strange for Solo to hold his TP so long there at the end….

  2. That graves ult is bugged at 33:47. I get it they are a tanky team but that ult literally did nothing. I've noticed this bug happening alot on graves lately.

  3. On the surface I like CLGs moves to just put a solid/steady team of vets out there. Should definitely improve their performances from the last couple years…especially in a league so divided with the big spenders way way out in front and cheap developmental rosters theoretically far below…but long term you do wonder what the plan is do you keep a core of 2-4 of these players next year and find a couple developmental pieces you’re excited about to bring in and try and return to contender status or is this just a short term “don’t get 9th” move.

  4. I am curious how TSM is in first place in the standings when their two wins were against the 4th and 5th place teams and 100T's two wins were against the 1st and 2nd place teams. Does strength of victory not come into play in ties? 100T should be ahead of BOTH TSM and TL with a much better strength of victory. I don't really mind since TSM is my team, but I just found it odd.

  5. This meta is so boring, almost every game has the same comp

  6. Damn, just noticed the flash predict from Griffin on the Lost dive early on. Good play.

  7. I prefer suite and tie for the casters

    overall, great casting, as usual

  8. this fiesta league allways delivers!
    thx god they are back!

  9. How many times does TSM have to just steamroll CLG before people accept that it is over, there is no rivalry, TSM won and CLG lost in a cosmic sense and the latter organization is basically defunct. CLG are the Cleveland Browns of the LCS.

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