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Tree Ordering | LSAT Logic Games

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The rules all come together in Tree Ordering games. Connect the rules to build trees that help you see implicit relationships within the game.

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  1. It is visible in the rules that k can not be 5 it has h and j after itself and the films are six.

  2. Woah, that rule-sub question kicked my butt because I really thought it was C. I still don't understand how it's not C even after listening to the correction a few times.

  3. Wow, this was great to learn! Would you only use this if there are no complex rules such as conditionals?

  4. I have a question about when you test each substitution answer choice and choose (A) @15:00. I tested this answer the same way you did, but I accidentally assumed that it forced K before F in addition to making up for the replaced rule of F before J and L, and so I thought that it wouldn't have the same effect, but rather a stronger effect by forcing K before F.So this actually led me to a question: when doing the sufficient condition test, is it considered the same effect if the new rule has other effects in addition to creating the same effect as the old rule?Example: Here the effect we are replacing is F before J&L. What if one of the answers were to be sufficient to guarantee F before J&L AND something else like G before H? That wouldn't be considered the same effect, right? Even though the answer is a Must Be True, and a sufficient condition to infer the old rule, it would still not be the correct because the overall effect is different, correct?Basically, the sufficient condition test must show that you can infer the old rule and NOTHING ELSE?

  5. When you create the numerical distribution @20:40, that assumes you would also have a rule that each player goes at least once, correct? If all you had was a rule that each element has at least one player, then you could use a 0-0-0-0-5 distribution or anything else that included zeros.

  6. I am continually amazed at how easy these games become if you just know how to set up the rules from the get go. Thank you so much for these videos!

  7. For me, this is the starting point for understanding LG basics. God bless LSAT Lab!

  8. I'm confused with rules between Q2 and Q4. Q2 was explained that tracing relationship between K and G was not possible, since you'd have to shift right, left, right (K >J>F>L>G). However, in Q4, you are assuming the relationship between J and G (that J is released earlier than G) even though you are tracing from different relationships (K>L>G). I hope this makes sense, thanks!

  9. for 15:34 I’m confused… F Is before L so why did you put L in 1? Wouldn’t F being in 2 force K into 1?? Can u plz clarify, thx!!

  10. Thank you for starting to upload games! Will you be uploading problems and practices for the other sections as well?

  11. I love the LSAT Lab lessons; the clarity is amazing. It took me SO LONG to understand that I don't have to populate every element / slot, before checking the answers. Sometimes, it's so simple – it's just checking to see if I triggered a rule correctly. Not all 100 steps, just step 1 to step 2. Looking forward to the rest!!

  12. Yours is so far the best sequencing strategies video, and I watched a lot of them. Thanks!!

  13. Thank you so much! All of your content is very helpful!!

  14. Me before this video: How the hell am I supposed to understand this!?
    Me after this video: How the hell did I not understand this before? lol

  15. I have been preparing for 15 days only and have my exam on 30th, will I be able to do good? Someone please help me!

  16. Wow! I really found this video useful. thank you!

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