Top Ten Puzzle Games for the Game Boy (& GBC) -

Top Ten Puzzle Games for the Game Boy (& GBC)

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Puzzle games were some of my favorite Game Boy games, so in this video, I pay tribute to all the puzzle titles on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color by counting down my favorite ones. I get some help from AT from SoftwareAgentsCorp with his opinions on some of the games mentioned and some footage. Additional video footage provided by Danny Bereza and extra sound editing by R. Michelle Marcel, with a super secret song in the Daedalian Opus part by Matt Mulligan.

Songs Used:
New Beginning by Gunnar Olsen
Some Song by Matt Mulligan
Big 80s Beat by Kevin MacLeod & Syrinx Starr


  1. Never commented on this. I liked it , love the Pokemon Puzzle League and Mole Mania parts. you'd think Tetris would be higher

  2. Puzzle games mentioned in the video:10. Dadaelian Opus GB9. Boxxle GB8. Mario's Picross GB7. Pac-Attack (part of Pac-Man Special Color Edition GBC)6. Tetris Attack GB / Pokemon Puzzle Challenge GBC5. Kwirk GB4. Mole Mania GB3. Tetris GB2. Rox GBC1. Magical Drop GBCVideo already has chapter marks with the numbers.Thanks for the great video.

  3. Nice choices but Kirby's star stacker not being on here makes it not the best list lol. Tetris 2 is more interesting than the first one. I'll try a few ones I just learned about. 🙂

  4. Cards?Will Anyone Make A JoJo Memes out of This #1 Puzzle Game? Or it Just Me.

  5. It's always a pleasure to be part of these videos. The final result was excellent! — A.T.

  6. I would love it if you made a toadette video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for using the Mole Mania cartridge I sent AT. I love that game.

    Other choices on the list were interesting.

  8. Oh my god, Thank you… I have been looking around for the game daedalian opus. I had it as a kid and I never knew what it was called. I looked forever and no one knew this game so I couldnt play it till now since I know what it is called. Thank you!!!

  9. Amusing video that was obviously really well edited and a lot of time and money was put ibto it compared to Other Mrtoptenlist videos but Andres what the he'll does Sailor moon have to do with a bad puzzle game I never heard of, s?

  10. 1) sir, I am very confused by this video and a few others. Entertained but confused. How many people are on this channel? I though it was you and the anime girl and maybe someone else. (Mr. X) this is a big operation. Where are you guys located? The accent sound like New Jersey.

    2) why is the camera quality of the gameplay footage inconssitent/? some of it is pixely othertimes its good

     3) Also, I've never heard of most of these gamesexcept for Tetris, of course, Picross and Pokemon Puzzle League. I didnt know they were puzzle league games beside Pokemon

    4) 4:20 nice subliminal masturbation refernce @ 420 youslydog

    5) 4:24 ha ha ha that was my jam in the crib, yo. 90s music was off the chain.

    6) 8:03 ha ha ha damn nigga she showed up in the anime as a big tittied woman. they changed her name but I know if was her. How the FUCK do you pronpunce Lorele? Loraleelaylie is the only logical compromise.

    7)1105 what does Wyona have to with anything?

    8) 11:28 why is it in Japanese?

    9) 16:41 never heard of it. thank you for expanding my horizons.

  11. Thank goodness Picross 2 wasn't on here because even though it got a full english fan translation, the game to me was garbage because the music sucked compared to the first game, the puzzle can take a while to solve as you had to do them in chunks, and overall it was kinda bad.

  12. Mole Mania and For the Frog the Bell Tolls: two of my favorite GB games.

    Also the N64 version of Puzzle League had baller music, yo.

  13. Yo B what up. I got Magic drop and am playing that shit on my SP. shit it pretty dope especially for a basic GBC color game . thank you for the reccommendation. WHO WILL BE THE MAGICAL DROP MASTER?

    also did you distort Andy's voice (software agent guy)? I met dat nigga IRL a few days ago and his voice sounded higher. not dissin' anybody but just saying

  14. how does anybody find the secret puzzle league code out?

  15. This is one of my favorite videos you ever done. Will you make more lists about video games? You do so many about fighting gmae characters it could get old

  16. I played Magical Drop a lot. The characters are lovable. I used to play Chariot

  17. Video was mostly good. a bit cringey in some places tho…

  18. This was a pretty decent video. The lack of Toki Tori however is disheartening.

    Your video making style had improved since 2016. do you think Will you make any more Game Boy themed videos? It would be better than this.

  19. mrtoptenlist sal jy of die vriend resensie ander gameboy of gameboyadvance

  20. @1111986 You should not make a gameboy advanced video if you don't own all the games cant record all the gameplay and keep the footage looking consistant. I'm wasting my lunch break watching your crap.

  21. You were my favorite puzzle game. I could never figure you out.

  22. Is there another better list with Adventures of Lolo on it??

  23. What makes you think that this in any way, shape or form is an acceptable YouTube production? Are you tweleves years old or an adult? Not okay. Your friend was frankly… OBNOXIOUS and the microphones were in different tones and inconsistent. And how about you can afford an actual video camera instead of obviously resording with a cell phone. this lack of camera consistent is BAD because the game boy footage was obviously recording with a capture device or an emulator so it at least looked HALF decent. The writing is cringe because it is so obviousl that you two are recording in speratre rooms over the Internet. The dialogue does nto interact correctly. That "coins" sound effects were so bad and the humor was not funny. Why is Monety Mole in Japanese? I honestly do not beleive you were an import gamer in the 90s. or find that very hard to believe unless you were a rich boy or a hardcore weeaboo back then. And number one choice is a shitty port of a shitty game that nobody cares about? holy moly! there are a million things wrong with this picture.

  24. I skipped around because the video could not hold my attention. Watch cinemassacre or Game Histirian or Game Crumps to learn how to edit and pace a video correctly

  25. Will you ever follow this up? Your video making skills improved so much.

  26. – Mentions Daedalian Opus

    – Sees that Vic Tokai developed it

    Yeah, I already knew it was gonna suck.

  27. I had all 10😎. I agree with Magical drop as your number 1 choice. It was great fun.

  28. You can never go wrong with Tetris or Tetris Attack. Would you ever do a follow up to this?

  29. Can YUou and your Software Agent friend make more puzzle game videos? Talk about Tetris. Tetris Flash. Tetriss Attack. Klax. Atari Atari games. You know those things. I really enjoyed this video by the weay.

  30. Omg you sound like Randal from Clerks hahaha great vid

  31. I know that's quite late, but I wanted to thank you, because of your video. I was searching for suggest about great puzzle game on the gb , and watching this video I discovered magical drop and I friking love it! 😀 So, thanks a lottt😍

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