Top 5 Puzzle Games for the Oculus Quest 2! -

Top 5 Puzzle Games for the Oculus Quest 2!

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In today’s video, I am going to be going over my top 5 puzzle games on the oculus quest 2. We are going to see the must-own sport games for oculus quest owners. If you enjoyed the video make sure you leave a like, comment, subscribe and I would love it if you could leave me constructive criticism as I’m never going to improve if I don’t know what to improve.

I am going to try and upload twice a week every Saturday at 5pm and every Wednesday at 5pm (GMT)

The background music in this video was made by the very talented – gee_moneyTV, if you need any music creating make sure you check him out!

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  1. Super Hot makes me feel like I'm Neo from the Matrix!

  2. Great list! Ill have to check those out. Have you played MYST for Oculus Quest 2 yet? It'll blow your mind dude.

  3. In this video We're talking about $150 usd in games (more or less)…

  4. Can you write your email in your description? I can't read your email, thank you

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