Top 25 Puzzle Games for your iPhone and iPad -

Top 25 Puzzle Games for your iPhone and iPad

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10 of the best ios puzzle games for your iphone or ipad gadget. Free and paid mobile games available on the iTunes Store.

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  1. Can you do top 25 puzzle games on xbox 360 .

  2. Hey what is the title of the song on your intro ?

  3. It should have had portalize which is basically portal for mobile.

  4. Japanese puzzle ! Recommended 🙂 a really good game for iOS

  5. There's this puzzle game on iOS, it is a 360 degree game, and the experience was pretty cool, but I FORGOT WHAT IT IS CALLED!

  6. There's a game I only remember the icon in which a man is holding a little gold and it's just like a puzzle game

  7. i have played and completed all the room games they were so good

  8. what about tiny bang story and love you to bits??? hihihi

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  11. Can someone please help me?! I been trying to find this game/app I found a while ago but was never interested in because I couldn’t pay for it but I recently got a couple dollars as a present and I want it. I know there are several games in I guess a collection you could say kind of like the Toca games but anyway it’s a puzzle game where you can cause reactions and stuff so you would connect a switch to a lightbulb to turn it on and I remember there was another game in the “series” with animals and another with digestion. I really want to know what it is any help is needed!!!

  12. Watching this is like watching an multiple ads

  13. Monument valley is the better than these games


  15. Any new puzzle games, which are realised recently?

  16. Very interesting games, only our game is not included little joke

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