Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games | 2021 Best Games On Nintendo Switch! -

Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games | 2021 Best Games On Nintendo Switch!

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Today, I’m taking a look at my favorite Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle games! How many of these do you own and what do you recommend everyone check’s out? Best Puzzle Games On Nintendo Switch! What would be in your top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games or even, Top 10 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games?

0:00 Intro
0:26 What Puzzle Means!
0:42 Number 20
1:27 Number 19
2:11 Number 18
2:47 Number 17
3:23 Number 16
3:51 Number 15
4:45 Number 14
5:31 Number 13
6:20 Number 12
7:05 Number 11
7:47 Number 10
8:32 Number 9
9:25 Number 8
10:18 Number 7
11:08 Number 6
11:55 Number 5
12:43 Number 4
13:33 Number 3
14:40 Number 2
15:31 Number 1

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Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games | 2021 Best Games On Nintendo Switch!

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  2. Hoo boy. Top 20. Gonna be a somewhat long one this. Popcorn time! 😋

  3. Nice! Does this mean there's gonna be a top 20 JRPGs video as well at some point?

  4. I unexpectedly completed Grindstone the other day, I thought there would be loads more levels!
    Ps. What's the background track? Loving it!

  5. Thanks for commenting on the soundtracks of the games. As a composer, a lot of times I purchase a game if it has a great soundtrack and beautiful themes. I'd be interested in a top 10-20 best Switch soundtracks/music! Cheers

  6. I can't express how good Tetris Effect is, visually stunning and that sound track is just amazing.

  7. My favorite on the list is Talos Principle. This one is for Portal fans and that’s definitely me. Portal 2 is in my top 5 games of all time. I found the challenge to be perfect without making me rip my hair out. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Obra Dinn is one of my favourites. I was able to get a physical copy on limited run. Well worth playing.

  9. If you do this list for ps5, you should consider Maquette. Loved this puzzle game although the story is kind of sad.

  10. FEZ and TETRAGON are the two games that I was surprised NOT to see on your list. I would have placed RETURN OF THE OBRA DINN and SUPERLIMINAL higher on the list, but my preference would also have pushed Tetris off the list since I'm just not that big of a Tetris fan.

  11. Manifold Garden looks pretty cool. Already picked up Grindstone (backlog!) and Tetris Effect is AMAZING and a sure fire #1 winner for the genre 🍻

  12. Manifold looks so fun, but I know it would make me sick. Maybe I'll watch a playthrough 🙂
    Found a couple I think I'll love! The donut one is hilarious. Bought that super quick when I got my switch.

  13. This video serves as a gentle reminder to me to go back and finish several of these games! And to get the new Tetris, finally. 😊

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