Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games | 2021 Best Games On Nintendo Switch! -

Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games | 2021 Best Games On Nintendo Switch!

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Today, I’m taking a look at my favorite Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle games! How many of these do you own and what do you recommend everyone check’s out? Best Puzzle Games On Nintendo Switch! What would be in your top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games or even, Top 10 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games?

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Top 20 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games | 2021 Best Games On Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Donut County was lots of fun, but WAAAAYYYYY too short. After watching me play it, my 5 year old granddaughter played and beat it.

  2. I got grindstone a while back thanks to this channel. One of my most played games on the switch this past year. I keep going back to it. Can’t wait to try shovel knight

  3. Hi Alex. Love your list! No love for A Monster's Expedition? I'm having a great time with it.

  4. Haven’t even watched yet, but I know my backlog will grow by a game or two after I complete this video.

  5. Ohhhh yay! Puzzle is my genre! Lol can’t wait for this one!

  6. Tetris Effect Connected handheld on the OLED is therapy.
    The HD rumble with audio visual feedback, its so good.
    I can agree with it being one of the best games on Switch, hands down!

  7. I’ve played a lot of these and love so many! However I haven’t played your top 3. I want to play Catherine so bad because I love puzzles and Persona but am waiting for a good sale. I’ve been debating on downloading Grindstone on my iPad so I may have to do that now. And I also wanna checkout Good Job and Return of the Obra Dinn. Personally on my list I would have had Scribblenauts Unmasked, because I love DC and the game mechanics in general. I also really dig Slayaway Camp 2. It’s so quirky and gets challenging!

  8. Well hello there Wilmots Wearhouse, you sneaky little simplistic puzzler you.

  9. I’d definitely have some sort of Picross offering, There is No Game, Captain Toad and Katamari Damacy on this list somewhere.

  10. Talos Principle is an easy number 1 pick for me – quite possibly my favourite puzzle game. So many wonderful "ah-ha!" moments, perfect difficulty curve, fantastic story and flavour and amazing variety to the puzzles. And no trial and error!

    Obra Dinn probably takes second place.

    I definitely prefer puzzlers where you can take your time rather than the more frantic style of Tetris, Grindstone, etc.

  11. I was pleasantly surprised to see Wilmot's Warehouse included on this list. Definitely one of the more overlooked gems on Switch. I agree with (and have played) nearly all of these games, and don't envy you the job of compiling such a list, considering how many solid options you had to choose from. I personally would have included Loop Hero somewhere on this list, as figuring out the perfect combination of tiles, equipment, class, etc for each stage of the game is quite the puzzle, at least for me (not to mention addictive as heck). Also, Puzzle Quest is a game I've sunk way too many hours into. Definitely agree w/Tetris Effect as number one, tho.

    Overall, tremendous job! Hopefully this will help a few others find some new, great games to sink countless hours into.

  12. Slayaway Camp is a killer puzzler for a killer price! Absolutely loving it and highly recommend it!

    Thanks for all the other recommendations and eager for the puzzle platformer list!

  13. Untitled goose game is the first game we bought for our first switch. It was my daughters Christmas present last year and she had been asking for the goose game for ages. We had a real laugh playing it in co-op last Christmas. Shed watched it so much on YouTube she knew exactly what to do and got her little bossy head on, we absolutely loved it, it just felt too short ( though that's probably because she knew where to go) if someone has a family I highly recommend it.

  14. I don't have the time to watch it right now, but it is a wired list to publish on a day when "shovel knight puzzle dungeon" released. I wonder if that is included in the list.

  15. I know that it's not canonically considered a puzzle game, but I think Into the Breach deserves a mention. I've always felt you need to approach it more like a puzzle than a tactical game, but of course this is just my opinion.

  16. niiiice! All I wanted to see! switch lite is ideal for these kind of games

  17. I'd be hard-pressed to choose between Grindstone and Tetris Effect for the number one spot to be honest. I only picked Grindstone up in the black Friday sale and it's great ( i also picked up slay the spire and played that like a week later, but it's taken over currently and is all i play), but yeah, Switch is a great system for puzzle games, and that fact that it is portable helps, slow-paced puzzle games are great for bus/train journeys and the like.

    Also great to see Talos Principle on there, that often gets overlooked as it's a first-person game, but it really is a great puzzler. (i'd highly recommend "The Turing test" also, it's a similar sort of game but set on a supposedly abandoned space station on Europa).

  18. I bought Grindstone after watching your review and it's an amazing game. They have added loads of new things like extra levels and characters for free. I've completed it now but still loads to do and just been updated for Christmas with a new set of levels.

  19. I remember World of Goo being one of my fav games when it released in PC.

  20. I have a feeling Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon would have made the list but it didn't get released until today.

  21. Thanks Alex – loads more to add to my wish list! Just playing Ironcast at the moment and really impressed with its puzzle/RPG/rogue-like mechanics. Sadly it looks a bit dull and generic – don’t let that put you off though – it’s really good 🙂

  22. Alex love hearing about which games are in your physical collection. Not sure if you have or have thought about it but would you ever do a segment focusing on your personal physical collection? Rare/grail items, ones w good packaging/extras or even just the ones you've ended up playing the most? Cheers!

  23. Wow. I own every single one of these. Guess i love the genre. Talos principle should be a little higher on the list on my opinion. Absolutely love that game.

  24. Love this idea for a series Alex. 20 Best … Great Episode, really appreciate it 👍

  25. Thanks for another great video! You've consistently put out quality content ever since I started following you, and that was when you were well under 5,000 subscribers! I can't wait to pick up several titles on this list. Have you played Roundguard? It's clearly inspired by Peggle, and Peggle (especially when played with the clickwheel on an iPod classic!) is one of my all-time favorite puzzlers! Roundguard for sure has some faults, but in my opinion it's totally worth playing. Thanks again!

  26. Will get Catherine one day. Forgot bout that game. Epic vid!!!!

  27. Yes, Talos Principle. My most coveted trophy on my ps4 is from when I unlocked the solipsist achievement for getting the best ending with no hints. Some of the secrets I couldn't quite piece together still haunt me. What a weird game.

  28. Great list mate! Thanks for the videos! Never miss one!

  29. My favorite genre and lots to love on this list! My #1 would have to be Grindstone. So glad this wasn't a "deals" video or I'd be broke.

  30. I’ve only played Death Coming on iOS, but I know it’s on Switch and I’ve definitely had a lot of fun with that one! It’s a great puzzle game that looks similar to Good Job! on your list. Thanks for the recommendations! Love the channel!

  31. Just finished The Last Campire last week. Great game!

  32. I'm not sure I'd classify Donut County as a puzzle game. There were a couple of puzzles, but not too many. IT is, however, a favourite of my 4 yr old who plays it over and over and over.

  33. I finally got Catherine Full Body.
    As a puzzel fan, it's great. But maaaan those cut scenes are so long unskippable redundant-anime-esque it's hard to actually sit through the story mode. Like, let's go, next level ladies c'mon.

  34. Played world of goo way back 2010 in my PC. Good times. 👍
    Enjoyed good job and goose game as well.

  35. Thanks for spreading the word about these games! I've added World of Goo, Superliminal and Manifold Garden to the wishlist. Superliminal currently on sale at an all time low in the UK!

  36. I think The Last Campfire was the first Switch game I actually finished. I didn't get a Switch until last Christmas so I hop from game to game to play catch up.

  37. Nice list hopefully we get a list for top platformers! My favorite type of game!

  38. I'm waiting for that shovel knight puzzle dungeon to go on sale but Alex convinced me to get grindstone a while back the Lego game might be good for my kid

  39. Grindstone my most favorite puzzle game good mix of action and puzzle goodness!!!

  40. Vectronom and 140 are two great little games focussed on colours, shapes and beats.

  41. Talos Principle #19? Understood this is a list for the Switch and that it’s subjective. This is one of the best pc puzzle games of all time ( dlc road to Gehenna might be even better) Creaks is an amazing game on switch which unfortunately was omitted. Also Bonfire Peaks is brilliant

  42. Love the list. My collection needs more puzzlers. I love Grindstone but still have not completed it. Happy new year Alex.

  43. Thank for your this review, there’s so many games I’ve never heard about before! Can’t wait to try them 🙂

  44. Sigh *opens wallet repeatedly*

    Superb and expensive video for my favourite genre. Your subscriber count will grow significantly before long I expect. Thanks champ 👍

  45. I bought The Last Campfire on your recommendation. Have you tried Typoman or Hue, I found them to be satisfying puzzle platformers.

  46. Unbelievable. I thought when getting to no3 that no1 and 2 were obvious but they weren't on the list at all.

    Brothers Tale of Two Sons


    For puzzle experiences, these two games are some of the best I've ever played. In fact they are some of my favourite gaming experiences ever.

    Also missing Valiant Hearts that was a pretty good puzzle game.

    I would also say My Brother Rabbit was an amazing puzzle game but it isn't strictly puzzles. It is a hidden object game that's full of puzzles too.

  47. Return of the obra dinn is soooooooo soooo beautiful

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