Top 15 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games -

Top 15 Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games

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In the never-ending goal of helping you find good games and sorting out the Nintendo Eshop, this week we will focus on the Top 15 Best Puzzle Games on the Nintendo Switch as of 2020.

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  1. The room and the room two are my favourite puzzle games on switch, it's a shame the rest of fireproof games sadly aren't available on switch 😢

  2. Gorogoa 80$ ? 🤔 no way I'm paying 80 bucks for a puzzle game 🤔lol

  3. This was excellent! Thankyou. Can you do an update what you like since this list was posted? Thanks. New subscriber 🤘🏻

  4. Unravel Two on Switch is really overlooked as a game. It’s a phenomenal puzzle game!

  5. Talos principle awesome puzzle game EVER ! Great video 🥰👍

  6. Would The Touryst count as a puzzle game too?

  7. Can’t believe you missed out the PICROSS S games plus there’s PICTOQUEST ,LITTLE INFERNO,CRYSTAL CRISIS, also PICZLE LINES DX & PICZLE COLORS and GLASS MASQUERADE 1 & 2😃

  8. Any chance for best shoot em ups/beat en ups or strategy?

  9. Yes, please make a point and click list for the Switch!

  10. Man, this vid is perfect for a quarantine list of games. Thank you!

  11. great vid
    Would The Touryst count as a puzzle game too?
    Yes, please make a point and click list for the Switch!

  12. I wish bejeweled 3 was a port for switch… Nice video tho!!!

  13. Really cool selection. I personally love the Picross games. I just spent 35 hours playing S4 for the last couple of weeks. Very entertaining games.

  14. Wilmomts warehouse is a training game for an Amazon fulfillment center

  15. I've watched a bunch of "best ___ Switch games" and didn't find much to like. This video convinced me yeah, buying a Switch is worth it. Thanks.

  16. Wilmot’s warehouse
    Bridge constructor porter
    Baba is you

  17. was hoping for more titles like Tetris and Puyo Puyo but a good list nonetheless

  18. Wario woods snes is the best puzzle game ever imo

  19. Ok but it legit gave me a switch add before the video started…
    *C o i n c e d e n c e*?

  20. The Sexy Brutale is a wonderful game. Its a murder mystery puzzle game where you manipulate time. If this sounds interesting check it out! Hope I helped someone find a new game they really enjoy! 🙂

  21. Superliminal was one of the best games I've played in years. Defense deserves some recognition.

  22. Top 10 Best Puzzle games on Switch:

    Kemono Friends Picross
    Picross lord of the Nazarick
    Picross S
    Picross S2
    Picross S3
    Picross S4
    Picross S5
    Picross S mega drive & master system edition
    Picross S6

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