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Top 15 Best Puzzle Games

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As we edge deeper into 2023, Stuart from Get Indie Gaming takes a look over and ranks the top 15 modern puzzle video games on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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The Greatest 15 Puzzle Games of All Time – Ranked!
00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – 15: The Pedestrian:
01:01 – 14: I am Dead:
01:51 – 13: The Unfinished Swan:
02:56 – 12: Gorogoa:
04:01 – 11: Unpacking:
05:29 – 10: Bonfire Peaks:
06:11 – 9: Papers Please:
07:09 – 8: Case of the Golden Idol:
08:15 – 7: Portal:
08:56 – 6: The Gardens Between:
10:10 – 5: Opus Magnum:
11:13 – 4: The Witness:
12:11 – 3: Baba is You:
14:06 – 2: Return of the Obra Dinn:
15:28 – 1: IMMORTALITY:


  1. Amazing list of games! I've played most of these already (all, except for Immortality, Case of the Golden Idol and Bonfire Peaks).

  2. You mentioned baba is with you, but dont forget A Monsters Expedition, its from the same author and is also an amazing puzzle game

  3. Really love these lists. Will check out immortality soon.

  4. Wilmott's Warehouse is an addictive one too.

  5. Good of you to get this out ahead of the Steam sale projected to be this weekend!

  6. Soft spot for Monument Valley. The Esther-like art is so immersive with the art style. Normally puzzle games feel frustrating but that immersion is enjoyable to look at too.

  7. Wow, this is incredibly concise, thanks for keeping this, so well cataloged!

    I’ve been following the channel for years, thank you for all the great game recommendations!

  8. Had a great time with The Witness and am trying to get through Babu is You. Quite difficult for me. I played the demo for Bonfire Peaks and enjoyed it. Reminds me of Stephen's Sausage Roll by Increpare who also did English Country Tune.

  9. "Taiji" is severely missing from here. Go play it everyone!

  10. if you like puzzle please visit my channel, It is all about katamino, and all levels will be solved!

  11. 1 Play Antechamber
    2 Re-evaluate any other puzzle game ever in comparison to it
    3 ????
    4 Like this comment

  12. A puzzle game i would recommend that is less know would be Solas 128. I dont remember how i found it, might actually be from one the videos on this channel.

  13. I forgot all about "The Garden Between." I heard that game emotionally wrecks you. I'm all for it

  14. I'll try I am Dead again then. I kind of couldn't really get into it, it felt unintuitive to control, I felt lost and didn't really get what to look for inside objects but this made me curious to try again. Maybe the controls on the switch are to blame? Idk

  15. Sexy Brutale!! I don't know yet if it's on this list but it's amazing! It's so unique in it's style and atmosphere. I played it years ago and it is one of the few games that really made an impression and I actually played through bc it was intriguing until the very end. It's a kind of detective game I'd say but very different from "conventional" detective games. It also has some surreal elements which I love.

  16. The dioramas in The Garden's Between are mindblowing in their inventiveness, esp in the later levels. I tend to get bored quickly but I wanted to see everything in this game. I loved them so much and love to show them to others as well.

  17. These are all great games, I know them all. I'd love a list (even a mich shorter one) of maybe much more obscure puzzle games that are still interesting in some way.

  18. Zachtronics in general make awesome unique puzzle games that have great settings as well – esp Exa Punks. Play that if you've ever wanted to feel like a real hacker. You will learn how to program little bots and infiltrate networks, even if you don't know how to program. I felt really badass and you actually learn sthg useful as well just by playing the game. Same goes for Shenzhen IO

  19. Great Video. I love "Papers please" and ofcourse the Portal Series (Pt.2 is even slighty better imo). Immortality is on the list to play for sure.

  20. Maybe this list could have been split into traditional puzzlers and experimental puzzlers wherein traditional puzzlers would be any where you can hypothetically split the game into level or puzzles to be solved

    Eg traditional – baba is you, portal, gorogoa, monument valley, braid, unpacking, witness
    Eg experimental – papers please, obra dinn, immortality

  21. Either of Tetris 99 or Tetris Effect Connected are necessary.

  22. The Talos Principle—and its sequel, Road to Gehenna—and Patrick's Parabox would be my top picks. Two other really good 3D platforming logic puzzles are The Last Cube and Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. Kine is very clever and charming and Death Squared is also good. Five great point-and-clicks are Machinarium, Candle, Tohu, and Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, and the very original and enjoyable Strange Horticulture. If you like The Pedestrian, then you should check out 7th Sector. Filament is good if you like maze puzzles similar in underlying structure (but different in presentation) to those in The Witness. If you like Opus Magnum or other Zachtronics games, then you should check out Human Resource Machine.

  23. You have a soothing voice. Ive listened to your content for 3 years now. You have helped me find lots of amazing games. I appreciate you and your content.

  24. I've not played many on this list, but for me Braid is the puzzle game that I keep going back to. The art style is beautiful and the mechanics very inventive. From the same designer as The Witness (which was nice to see on this list).

  25. You convinced me to download Immortality even though I didn't last 10 minutes with Telling Lies and generally dislike narrative in games. Fingers crossed!

  26. Great list :), only ones I hadn't heard of were The Gardens Between and Opus Magnum, and both look like my thing and they were on sale on Steam, so I snapped them up, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    The idea of playing around with perspective, either visually or mentally, is super appealing to me, so Goragoa, Baba Is You and especially The Witness are all top contenders for me. Only real difference I would have in my list, excluding the two mentioned before I haven't played, is I would have The Talos Principle somewhere near the top, I adore that style of puzzles as well as the high concept story.

  27. Définitivement et toujours : the witness !
    But did you missed Antichamber ?

  28. If you liked Papers Please and Immortality, I think you'd really enjoy Not For Broadcast.

  29. I've played pretty much all of these great games. Mostly because they were recommended to me by this great channel to begin with.

  30. Since the talos principal is not on your list it can only mean one thing… You havent played talos principal !!! 😱

  31. Railbound and "Please fix the road" are worth checking out

  32. There has to be room for Fez !! .. great list though and a couple i hadn't heard of, so thanks!

  33. I love these genre overview lists. Especially in the indi space, even with niche genres, you could fill many many lists.

  34. Some say Zachtronics games like Opus Magnum are actually a quite different genre (e.g. Problem solving), because they are so open ended, wheras most puzzles basically are a complete thing, the developer broke apart, and the player has to rediscover – you know, like the classic table top picture puzzling. But Zachtronics offer a similar mental challenge, without having to guess what the devs was thinking, but just following the worlds rule.

  35. Thank you for this list. Where I've already enjoyed quite a few of these games, with "beating" Opus Magnum being one of my proudest puzzle achievements, it is nice to see an actual list of puzzler games instead of the horrendous lists you find from googling or even hunting through Steam. Puzzle games are more than just action games with a crate pushing minigame, and the best are some of the greatest games I've ever played. I appreciate you giving them their due.

  36. Great list! Has almost all games on it I thought of when thinking of the best puzzle games I've played. Only ones missing for my taste are Outer Wilds, The Sexy Brutale, Braid, and Strange Horticulture.

  37. what does he mean with lateral thinking?

  38. If you like Portal, check out Superliminal. The puzzles in this game are all about perspective. For example, you pick up a small stair and place it back from further away so it gets bigger, so you can reach a high place. It's also in the Game Pass and has a similar length as the first Portal.

  39. Oh my god, Opus Mangum is crazy engaging, never before has a game made me want to be the absolute best I can be at it. It’s like speedrunning, but it tests your ingenuity instead of your precision and reactions. Thanks for turning me on to it 🙂

  40. The Almost Gone & Roki are some amazing point & click games, check them out!

  41. Immortality as the best indie game ever made is a bold statement!

  42. Mate, thanks for this. Best thing I’ve seen in ages! 🙏

  43. risolvere il puzzle, magico, fermarsi al primo ostacolo, al primo livello, e vedere gente poco più che analfabeta, che fa tutto subito … come mai? eh come mai, perchè il puzzle è mentale, e la mente poi gestisce l'esecuzione fisica …

  44. Turing Test, Manifold Garden, Cube Espace Collection (really weird, really cheap) and The Room series.

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