Top 10 tips for LSAT logic games | LSAT FAQ -

Top 10 tips for LSAT logic games | LSAT FAQ

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Do you need some extra guidance on mastering LSAT Logic Games? We’ve got you covered. We asked a bunch of our Manhattan Prep Instructors (who work with LSAT students like you every day) to give us their top 10 tips on how to best tackle this section of the test. No spoilers here because you should just…watch the video 🙂 …but Logic Games are all about the processes so you definitely want to make sure you have that foundation to start with. Get your fundamentals in place so you can tackle harder and harder games as you encounter them. And once you do that, you’ll be able to recognize patterns along the way! Ok, seriously, that’s enough…just go watch the rest of the video!

LSAT instructors featured:
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John Cho –
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Matt Maxwell –
Scott Miller –

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