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Top 10 Puzzle VR Games

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My Top 10 Puzzle VR Games. Including some budget-friendly titles as well. Steam links are below. Enjoy!

0:00 Intro

0:11 #10 Neonwall

1:43 #9 Light Repair Team #4

2:51 #8 Obstruction

4:04 #7 GNOG

6:04 #6 Bounce

7:50 #5 Marble Land

9:07 #4 Super Puzzle Galaxy

10:32 #3 The Talos Principle VR

12:25 #2 Tin Hearts

14:05 #1 Transpose

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  1. Just played Last Clockwinder — now one of my top five VR games, and couldn't remember the game that sounded a bit like it, but Ben saves the day with his #1 pick from 2018.

  2. i almost couldn't find some of the games :0 you should update your chapters – some games aren't included

  3. Yes good vid ben i love puzzel games specialy neonwall

  4. Transpose is SO great!!
    I really like the look of Tin Heart too!

  5. Great VR content as always! I didnt know there were so many high quality puzzle games out for VR.

  6. Awesome choice of games ! Also does finding the zoo level from accounting+ count 😂

  7. Keep up the amazing content Ben! Hard question for you, but if you had to recommend one game on this list for a veteran puzzler (myself) and a very new-to-VR-and-puzzles player (my girlfriend), which would you recommend?

  8. Love these reviews! But where is FORM haha that was an AMAZING puzzle game! That being said, if form was on the list, that would be one less I have to try!

  9. Please keep the game names until the clip ends. Other than that all perfect! Love your channel

  10. What titles are available on the oculus store?

  11. The Talos Principle and XING the land beyond… two best VR puzzle games no doubt imo 🙂

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