Top 10 Best Puzzle Games on Steam -

Top 10 Best Puzzle Games on Steam

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In this video, I will tell you about our top 10 favorite puzzle games that you can play on Steam. Every one of these games on this list is not free with the exception of one, We Were Here.

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2:06 – #8
2:50 – #7
3:37 – #6
4:28 – #5
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  1. Just list them in the description bro. I know you wanna farm views but we all know what’s going on and it’s vulgar.

  2. Into the breach is a great puzzle game that happens to look like a strategy one.

  3. What about Machinarium or Creaks, what do you think about them?

  4. i dont belive this list dosent have limbo in it

  5. Talos Principle sould be #1 You sould do a new video and fix this

  6. What are "YOUR" favorite puzzle games?ANY platform.

  7. "Talos" is vastly Overrated.

    The puzzles are okay, but are way too easy.
    The lack of variety makes the game really stale by halfway through.

    Also, the story element isn't as deep as everyone makes it out too be and falls short.

    But what do I know? I didn't beat it yet. I'm Only halfway in and wondering if I should move onto something else.

  8. Please, play "evergate" and "life goes on", on steam. The best puzzle games.

  9. I discovered portal 2 from this video thank you its my favourite game now!!

  10. I really enjoted the Talos Principle. Really cool story as well!

  11. A story about my uncle is a 3d platformer. No puzzles…

  12. scrap the witness and put baba is you at number 1

  13. You forgot SUPRALAND, the best puzzle game ever on steam. Very fun game. 1. Supraland2. Talos Principle 🙂

  14. Nice I was looking for this
    Obduction looks cool
    But relicta is definitely missing

  15. loveable greetings from Team Extreme minecraft

  16. I see no1 has mentioned relicta. Pretty fun and challenging puzzle game

  17. This is out of the subject,

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  18. Great list and presentation. Really enjoyed. You have an excellent “voice over” voice:)

  19. Not even one mention of Antichamber? At least Portal 1&2, Talos and the Witness are on the list.

  20. Talos is my favorite on the list because it doesn’t just challenge you to complete puzzles. It goes beyond that and through its superb writing, challenges you from a philosophical point of view. It blew my mind but never got pretentious like many other philosophical games can tend to be. If you like Talos, also try Swapper.

    And if you like getting your mind blown by solving puzzles, play The Outer Wilds. You’ll thank me later.

  21. I loved The Room series, House of Davinci, and Call of the Sea. Why aren't they on here?!

  22. Check out "Baba is You" if you haven't already

  23. Not a huge fan of puzzle games I have not even played portal, but your channel is great even though some games you list are super pricey, I usually put the ones that look cool in my wishlist in case a really good sale happens that includes them. good luck with you channel, it’s quality is already better than most other game channels.

  24. Listen to I’m the glogolgalbog you will laugh 😂 search it on YouTube

  25. This is really informative. I think I'll start with We Were Here series. Thanks a lot!

  26. You seem like you only watched other top ten videos, also i don't think yo have played the witness yourself.
    if you want to know how good the witness really is, watch Joseph Anderson's video about it.

  27. Such a cool video, this deserves more views. 🙂

  28. Now if you can elaborate why did you put A Story About My Uncle under PUZZLE ganre…? Awful list id you ask me(and you are),people who play real puzzle games would not make this list.

  29. Did you know that Elohim means God in Hebrew?

  30. in what universe is A Story about my Uncle a puzzle game?

  31. I really miss talos principle, and portal 2 😖😖😖😭😭😭

  32. This list is hilariously bad. First of all, it misses many many better games and second of all, the order completely sucks.
    here's a better list:
    1) Baba is you ( absolutely the best puzzle game ever created and probably the most difficult and fair )
    2) Talos principle ( best puzzle + story experience )
    3) Portal 1, 2 AND Portal Stories: mel ( 2nd best puzzle mechanics, baba being nr1, but the puzzles are extremely easy and unsatisfying )
    4) The witness ( tedious game, the difficulty doesn't come from concepts, but from the game becoming increasingly heavy on working memory )
    5) Antichamber
    6) Outer Wilds ( best exploration game, a masterpiece, but the focus isn't purely on puzzles )
    7) Recursed
    8) Return of the obra dinn
    9) Stephen's sausage roll
    10) superliminal
    11) We were here series
    12) manifold garden
    13) quern
    14) obduction

    honestly, myst-like games suck a lot too.

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