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Top 10 Best First Person Puzzle Indie Games

Best Indie Games
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Love me a good puzzle game to get those gears moving, so here’s a selection of notable first person entries!

00:00 ► Start
00:32 ► #10 Obduction :
01:32 ► #9 Q.U.B.E. 2 :
02:17 ► #8 The Stanley Parable :
03:57 ► #7 Manifold Garden :
05:08 ► #6 The Talos Principle :
06:20 ► #5 Superliminal :
07:02 ► #4 Antichamber :
08:14 ► #3 :
09:59 ► #2 :
11:02 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. Stanley Parable isnt actually a game. Its just one large snarky cutscene where you have to put up with a writer who thinks he’s clever…. theres no gameplay, nothing to solve, it’s all faux wit.

  2. when you are so early that a clemmy vid doesn't have chapters:

  3. Just make a video of top 10 best indie platformers already

  4. I love puzzle games of the head scratching variety but not so much a fan of bending my mind. I do plan to check out most of the titles mentioned here (if I haven't already) but I don't feel confident I'll really enjoy them beyond a cursory glance.

  5. Also recommend Manquette and Eastshade. Eastshade is more exploration focused, but it does have some puzzle elements.

  6. Witness is the game of the last 10 yrs that will last for decades. Looks amazing and is unlike anything ever. You could easily do a vid for 3rd person, side scroller, escape room types(personal favorite right now) also.

    Solid list here are honorable mentions if looking for some others to scratch that puzzle itch. I would easily recommend all of these any questions just ask.

    Xing The Land Beyond
    Rethink Evolved series
    The Turing Test
    Chroma Gun
    Magnetic Cage closed
    Magrunner dark Pulse
    Aporia: Beyond the Valley

    Also if you are a portal fan you HAVE to play Gravitas(short and funny) and maybe the best puzzle mod ever Portal Stories Mel(very difficult) both FREE

  7. Hey Clemmy! I do not like Puzzle games but there are a few that looks good that I might download.

    These are independent? During the Early 2000's up to mid games like these are considered AAA quality by looking at its graphics. Independent games now a days have nice graphics that can rival AAA games in today's time.

  8. Havent heard of Manifold Garden but it looks really interesting. I also finished Outerwilds recently and it is pretty incredible.

  9. The Stanley Parable is not a puzzle game, it is a walking simulator

  10. My favorite is The Talos Principle. The Turing Test is also great.

  11. Good list. My fav game from this list is the talos principle. Absolutely superb game! 1 of the games i wrote a review for on steam as to how good it is. Nonetheless i love puzzle games and not just in fps either, puzzle platforms are my kin too. Again great work 👏 👍
    Ps.. another 1 you mightve missed and pretty good imo is the Turing test

  12. Hey you should check out ''Necrofugitive'' idk if you already did but it looks really good, the game is still very early in development tho. Good video as always.

  13. I have Antichamber! A great game, but sadly not all that mindbending all the way through. It ends up mostly being block-gun puzzles.


    Helpful tip for the blue and red staircases: If left and right won't get you anywhere, then the only direction remaining is backwards.

  14. thanks for reminding me to play the Stanley Parable 🙂

  15. maaan LOVE the list! but sad Obra Dinn is not #1 😢 that game was the most impactful on me.

  16. I also recomend Quantum Conundrum, a very good game from the same person who created Portal.

  17. Outer Wilds is a masterpiece. Highly recommend trying it!

  18. Dont know if it's mind bending, but the gardens between is a very peacefull and nostalgic game that i highly recommend ^^

  19. God knows how many great games I found thanks to you. Great channel, keep it up man.

  20. Hi man you know there is a new mod for Portal coming this year right?

  21. Obduction is how I wished Myst was back in the day lol I

  22. I’ve been wanting to play outer wilds and superliminal, obra dinn has criminally underrated music

  23. Thanks for the video, a pity I cannot play these games, I suffer from Labyrinthitis.

  24. Oddly enough, they are floating that as a tourism slogan for the US… Shooty, Shooty Bang, Bang Fun!

    Anti Chamber and the original CUBE was already on my wishlist.

  25. I can also recommend Relicta, a decent fpp puzzle game, physics based

  26. All incredible games!!! No code's "Observation" it's a very well craft game too, and mind bending ( solve puzzles in space as a AI, being scrutinized by alien inteligence is far from my feverish imaginations )

  27. Great video. All titles are on point. Some folks roll up this genre with just first person walking sims like Edith Finch and Firewatch.

  28. A very good Myst-like game is Quern – Undying Thoughts. Check it out if you haven't.

  29. any non fps good puzzle game? my gf want some but sadly cant enjoy fps

  30. The Talos Principal is one of the greatest games of all time. It’s an experience to play. Highly Recommended!

  31. I would also add supraland. Incredible game.

  32. Thank you for the list 🙏. I watched all the ads 👍

  33. I've played seven of these and I've gotta agree for the most part.

    The Witness is my favorite all time game.

  34. I've played all of these. Here is my personal ranking:
    1. The Witness & The Talos Principle (tied)
    3. Outer Wilds
    4. Return of the Obra Dinn
    5. Antichamber
    6. Q.U.B.E. 2
    7. Manifold Garden
    8. The Stanley Parable
    9. Obduction
    10. Superliminal

    Aside from these, I recommend two other first-person puzzle games that I consider to be good. The first is The Sojourn, which is a pretty difficult logical type puzzle game that has quite complex rules and very good level design (I would rank it between 3. and 4. in the above list). The other is Lightmatter, a short portal-style puzzle game with a simple but interesting rule where you can only stand in where there is light.

  35. Antichamber is the worst game i've ever played……

  36. just finished INFRA. it's awesome although quite long. it's half-life with puzzles and without shooting in a nutshell. if you love 1st person adventure games you should try it

  37. I'm 7 games down, and 3 to go on this list – thank you!

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