The Top Three Tips To Ace Logic Games -

The Top Three Tips To Ace Logic Games

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Today I’m walking you through ALL the sections of the LSAT in less than 10 minutes (yes, you read that correctly). In our Logic Games video I’ll tell you the top three tips I actually used to crush this section of the test. Looking for help on time management, inferences, keys, and diagramming? I got you.

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Logical Reasoning:
Reading Comprehension:

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I used these links for the sample games in this video:
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  1. Congrats on Law school :)! What did you use to help you study for Logical games particularly, and also the other sections.Pray for me!

  2. Thanks for the advice! My biggest issue is timing and getting stuck on certain questions. Definitely need to just move on!

  3. Your info-commercial style intro and outro were very off-putting to me. I know from experience, you could have better viewership/appreciation with clear, concise, no bs presented information. Viewers like me will appreciate their time being respected enough to get clear and concise information, straight to the point.

  4. I’m scoring a 164. If I get the games down I will score over 170.

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