The Last Year of LSAT Logic Games -

The Last Year of LSAT Logic Games

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The Last Year of LSAT Logic Games

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  1. LSAT games don't test what they think they're testing. If anything they should just give you the diagram and ask you questions about the board state that requires inferences to make as opposed to punishing someone who cannot create that board.

  2. Thanks for the updates. The logic games have always been my weakest section, and it sounds like the newer logic games will simply be easier. Being that creating a fitting diagram and splitting the game boards is essentially the most difficult part of LG, in my opinion at least.

  3. Is it now 100% CONFIRMED that the LSAT Logic Games overhaul WILL be implemented? I heard rumors that after the field studies in Nov.-Dec. 2022 the new LG questions weren't performing to LSAC's standards, and thus the change potentially was going to be either scrapped entirely or delayed for a few more years. Please respond!

  4. your intro music comes in a little hot, super clean, might want to try mess the sound levels when editing.

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