The Hardest Logic Games | LSAT Demon Daily, Ep. 391 -

The Hardest Logic Games | LSAT Demon Daily, Ep. 391

LSAT Demon
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Ben and Nathan look back on some of the hardest logic games in the history of the LSAT and discuss what makes them difficult.

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  1. I totally agree about the importance of not getting too caught up in the “LSAT way” of solving games. I especially find that the earlier PTs have a lot of “mapping” games, where I nearly always end up drawing out a map of the pieces and their connection (think the island game, the subway line game, etc). Heck, even in newer games, if I am given some sort of spatial indication of how the pieces relate to each other in more than 1 dimension (such as a round table or any game where the sequence can loop), then I usually draw it out rather than simply list the items.

  2. pt 62 game 2 is difficult , LONG WITH PT 68 GAME 3 AND 4

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