The Best Oculus Meta Quest 2 Puzzle Games You Can Play Right Now -

The Best Oculus Meta Quest 2 Puzzle Games You Can Play Right Now

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These are the best VR puzzle games that you can play on your Oculus Meta Quest 2 right now.

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The GAMES are down here!

Myst VR
Shadow Point
Doctor Who: The Edge of Time
Puzzling Places
Ghost Giant
Down the Rabbit Hole
Gravity Lab
I Expect You To Die 2 (Coming Soon)
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Floor Plan 2
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
Tetris Effect
The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets
Carly and the Reaperman
Trover Saves the Universe
The Room
A Fisherman’s Tale
Time Stall
Red Matter

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  1. These are the best VR puzzle games that you can play on your Oculus Quest 2 right now.
    What is your favorite?

  2. Ironically never played Myst, but have played Riven and Obduction, so maybe it is time to purchase and play the OG game.

  3. im getting a quest 2 on august 7th (my birthday) im so exiteddddd

  4. I've never been able to get into Myst!! I walk around for hours and never play again!

  5. That was the best? Seemed like just a list of all of them lol

  6. Transpose – This is the most unique, mind-blowing game I've ever played whether it's VR, pancake, or IRL. I don't know why more people don't talk about it.

    Paper Beasts – This is as good, or a better puzzler than most of the games on Nathie's list, and it is certainly more beautiful. You really feel like you're in a Japanese inspired painting. Don't get turned off by the trailer. They are trying not to spoil the game, but it is a full on puzzle game.

  7. Thanks, this actually really helped I wanted to find a good one. Love the vids, keep up the good work!

  8. Damn, you have 600 000 subs and some of your videos is struggling to get to 20 k, are you holding up alright?

  9. Good to see you're still going strong Nathie <3

  10. Good evening nathie you asked if we have any to add to the list I have one what about covert the game you play with Mike it's awesome.. Have a good evening nathie.

  11. nathie pls give me 1 vr headset eny at all i just want to try to play it i am a big fan and i have wached all your videosss you and project jamsify are the beest pls see this

  12. my oculus airlink for some reason is behaving like crap since the last update,
    when i connect to the pc it takes a long while for my arms and head to actually sync up
    and it occasionally freezes and unsyncs etc.
    it used to work perfectly, anyone found a fix for this?

  13. Its 2021 dude where is tha last part of astro bot rescue mission

  14. I expect you to die 2 isn’t available yet and this is 2 weeks later 🤣🤣 only the demo

  15. Everyone overlooks Room VR. I know it’s on the list but people don’t give it the love it deserves. It such an amazing graphical game that immerses you into the scenes. Hands down best puzzle game out.

  16. Are the graphics in the video the same in the quest 2?

  17. I appreciate the overview, but it would help more if you said one negative thing about each. This would really help people decide which ones they will like, because they'll think either 'that wouldn't bother me' or 'I would hate that aspect.' Of the two you covered that I have already played, I would say,

    I Expect You to Die 2: It shouldn't be a surprise from the title, but in this game, you die … a lot. Usually the restarts are not that painful, but you do have to go through the level again up to that point to try again. Since they do offer speed run times for each level, the extra dying is good practice for your speed run, if you like that sort of thing.

    A Fisherman's Tale: Such a brilliant concept, but it's a little short — I finished it in about 3.5 hours of play. Also, there's not a lot of flexibility in how you solve the puzzles, so not really any replayability. You follow the script or you don't move ahead. It does have a nice process for giving hints if you are stuck, so you're never stuck for too long.

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