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Teach Formal Logic: TRICK OR TRUTH Game!

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What is a syllogism? Teach and learn formal logic with TRICK OR TRUTH – a game for your home or community!

Cut small slips of paper.
Separate out 1 per player: write “trick” on one of these, and write “truth” on all the others.
Put the “trick” and “truth” slips into a hat.
Each player draws one slip and look at it

If you drew a “trick” slip, you must write (on another slip of paper) a syllogism that seems sound, but isn’t.
If you drew one of the “truth” slips, you must write a syllogism that seems unsound but isn’t.
Put all the syllogism slips into a hat.
Appoint one of the players as Reader. As the Reader reads the syllogisms out loud, each player gets one vote. Vote for whichever syllogism you think is the sound one.
(It’s okay that the reader also wrote a syllogism.)

If you were a “trick,” you get a point for every person you tricked into voting for your syllogism.
If you were the “truth,” you get two points if NO-ONE voted for your syllogism.



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