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Standard Ordering | LSAT Logic Games

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Standard Ordering games are the most common game type in Logic Games.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Frequency
0:37 The Process
1:24 Game Board
1:57 Rules
4:27 Inferences
5:43 Question 17
6:58 Question 18
9:38 Question 19
11:25 Question 20
14:25 Question 21
16:11 Question 22
19:31 Question 23
21:47 Subgroups
24:08 Non 1:1
27:39 Frames
31:15 Summary

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  1. Thank you so much! This was very helpful! God bless!

  2. 3 weeks after means the 4th weekNo?

  3. im confused on question at 9:15. I was able to get PSVRTMW. Did I break a rule?

  4. RickyRoyVisions RickyRuTheJew and rappinrickjames says:

    5:52 There is two answer D’s lol Double D’s😏 he likes the big boobies…

  5. Is going through all the scenarios and the answer choices time efficient? I’m not as worried about understanding these types of questions. I’m worried because the tactics I’m using to get my correct answers are extremely time consuming. Would making more inferences upfront have saved us any time on this set?

  6. For Q22, I got P/S, P/S, V, R, T, M, W…. but I didn't think I broke any rules doing it that way.

  7. You make me wish we could use a dry-erase board on the LSAT so bad! It would be so much more convenient and help me to be quicker. Nevertheless, thanks so much for this video!

  8. On Q19 couldn't you also have the order be T, R, V, M, P, S, W and still follow all the rules?

  9. I just ran into this video, very informative and well explained. I am 64 years old and taking my LSAT for the time. Thanks!

  10. M goes in 7th posish instead of 6th posish..smells phishy

  11. Hello. For question #22, correct me if I am wrong but I believe P-S-V-R-T-M-W could also work which leads to letter C, Renoir in the 4th position could also be true?

  12. For Q21, is it expected to find the appropriate hypothetical first, even if others are true? If I understand correctly, choice B could also work, but I wonder if that even matters if the main rule is to find scope out all the answers, and find the first answer that solves the problem? Thanks!

  13. Thank you for such a great explanation! does the question at 15:17 have multiple correct answers since it says "could be true"? You said we only tested one hypothetical so whatever you came up with was proven to be correct. I used a different hypothetical that proved both B and C to be correct – I am just a little confused if you could explain a bit further – thank you!!

  14. what really helped me was making two game boards of V in position 3 and then another gameboard of V in position 4

  15. Great explanation. I was wondering about conditional rules and how you notated them, why don't you display the contrapositive of the rule? Is this to incentivize learners to mentally adapt by memorizing the contrapositive, thereby making them more efficient? Thanks.

  16. For the first question I always do it very fast to eliminate those answers which contradict with rules. Answer is C after 10 seconds! Answer question 18 is amazing!

  17. Thank you for explaining this clearly. I’m 49 years old, taking my lsat for the first time, yeah, so, I love this. I wished I could be in a class where you teach, live. God bless you.

  18. Genuinely can't believe how much clicked for me in just this one video. Thank you!

  19. Am I missing something at 17:47 ? If r goes 4th then you can still place V3rd and M6th leaving T5 and W7. Not sure what I’m missing here.

  20. For the third question (Pissarro in fifth, local), isn’t there a quicker way to do it?

  21. testing all the answer choices seems to be too lengthy

  22. Great video! Do you plan on putting out a grouping game video?

  23. how many logic games videos do you have? I have seen only 2. Thank you

  24. One of the best videos for logic games. Really helped me improve.

  25. amazing and informative video – everything is logically explained we would just be over the time limit by 30 minutes doing every answer fml

  26. 5:39 at this point I was taught to make worlds to eliminate rules. A rule that never has to be thought about ever again. R _ M . How many places can this block go? Make worlds based on R _ M block. Then jump into “if” questions (Local questions) first.

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