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Standard Grouping | LSAT Logic Games

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Standard Grouping games ask you to assign a set of elements to several teams. Learn how to create an effective game board, notate the rules, and create frames for this game type.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Frequency
0:28 Agenda
0:47 Example Game
1:25 Gameboard
2:35 Rules
3:59 Inferences
5:53 Question 6
7:27 Question 7
10:13 Question 8
12:41 Question 9
15:07 Question 10
17:54 Question 11
19:41 Closed vs. Open
21:29 Frames
24:05 Non 1:1
26:29 Subgroups
27:45 Summary

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  1. Thank you so much for this. It cleared up so many things!

  2. This helped me so much, thanks for creating these videos

  3. You took these examples right off of Khan Academy's LSAT prep course.

  4. a quick inference I made was that K cannot go into S or U. Seems obvious but I like to notate it in my game board before going on.

  5. U r not Matt Patrick , U R Patrick Batt … Man ❤ .

  6. great video!!! this finally helped me diagram on my own!

  7. For 19:34, isn't G's identity already given by the rules? Therefore, shouldn't the correct answer be 4?

  8. In Question 10, (I really tried clearing my eyes, because I must be missing something), but in your split diagrams, they both have U in them. However, you say A could be true but not C when they say the same thing because they're both not diagrammed in U. Can you help me clarify please?(I know this is my second question now, but if you had to choose, please answer my earlier one about scenarios (worlds))

  9. I'm having a hard time determining if I should do worlds/scenarios (I just learned about them recently). I am unsure if they will take up my time because I am already not that fast with Logic Games. Grouping is my weakest link. Did you start doing scenarios (worlds) at 8:06 or was that just you making inferences?

  10. These video lessons are very helpful. But there are questions like Q11 that I’m always potentially going to get wrong – I would not have selected E – 5, because placing Farrel in R column is not what determined G should go under U. G goes under U because that was an initial rule we were given.

  11. I’ve looked for so long for a video like this explaining logic games… everything else seems either far too basic, or way too fast. Thank you so much!!

  12. Hey I binged watched your videos during the last week of my lsat and I scored a 97.17 %tile. Thank you! And keep doing what you're doing

  13. Firstly thank you so much for this video but I have a few questions regarding the inferences. If K has to be alone doesn't that mean K cannot go into the U column because G is also there? Also doesn't that mean that K cannot go into the S column because S has to be greater than T but 1 isn't greater than any number that may be in T because every column has to have at least 1?

  14. Thank you so much to Matt, Patrick and Laura! You guys are the best!! You are a blessing to all of us!!! Hands down, The BEST LSAT Content on YouTube!! No Objections!!!

  15. Lord bless the people behind this channel

  16. Couldn't you make the inference that since "each officer will evaluate at least one application" and the rules states S>T that S would have at least 2 applications?

  17. Q11 is a great example of difficult wording. I feel like I get some questions wrong just because I don't quite understand the wording or get confused of what it's asking. Is there a phrase I could search for to strengthen this skill?

  18. I take my LSAT this Friday and I really wish I found you sooner. Watching your videos has improved my comprehension on logic games tremendously. SUBSCRIBED!

  19. I got all of the example questions right but I can't seem to increase my speed. Any advice for a June LSAT taker?

  20. uh more of these questions and sollutions please?

  21. are these reall lsat questions or just a warm up beacuse they are super easy even for me

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