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Stacked Ordering | LSAT Logic Games

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In Stacked Ordering games a good organization reveals hidden inferences which are the key to quickly solving this game type. This lesson looks at how to spot one of these games, how to set one up, and when to use frames.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Frequency
0:41 The Process
1:32 Game Board
3:20 Rules
5:12 Inferences
7:19 Question 12
11:39 Question 13
14:24 Question 14
18:45 Question 15
21:22 Question 16
26:24 Frames
27:14 Blocks
32:20 Partial Trees
36:40 Summary

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  1. very good! Clearly stated the point of each question

  2. Is anyone able to answer why in the last game N must be in spot 2? It sems like there is an assumption made that is not a rule to place N in spot 2. I see no reason it could not also be in spot 1 or 4

  3. The substitution explanation is the best I've heard.

  4. Thanks for this video you saved me on one of the LSAT games I would have been so lost if I hadn’t watched this

  5. I don't get how the rule "If N is not summarized, then both R and T are summarized" automatically allows us to assume what happens when N is summarized. It says nothing about what happens when N is summarized, so how can we assume it? Couldn't you say that "If N is not summarized, then both R and T are summarized, and if N is summarized, then both R and T are not summarized", meaning that you can't have R summarized without T or vice versa?Don't you have to know first whether N was not summarized in order to take the next logical step that R and T were summarized?

  6. For Q12, why is it not possible to have NTFOKR? I am confused about how you decided to put F as the beginning variable. What made you put F first? When I read it, I imagined NTF because it states that T is earlier than O, but not immediately. Is looking for action words, such as immediately useful for Logic Games? (@ 10:51)

  7. Can you explain in greater detail how (@ about 10:18 in) you arrived at the conclusion that at least one of N&R must be summarized? Why not N & T? How is it that you figured this out because it plays a significant role in answering this question and being able to pick between A and D.

  8. Fantastic vids, thank you so much! I don't know if I'd rather like your vids to have more views because you deserve it, or not to have more views because I don't want too many people to improve too much ^^!

  9. I love your videos! They are super helpful, they really breakdown the questions and help with understanding the why to go about answering questions! Please post more!!!

  10. These videos are incredible! please post more!!!

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