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Squid Game Logic | Cartoon Animation

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Player wakes up right in the middle of Squid Game! Now he has to team up with Veteran and Noob to eliminate all the other contestants… or else! This episode they play Red Light Green Light. Will Player survive?

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  1. I love this I can't wait for the next episode honeycomb

  2. Now we know how Player and Veteran would look like if their humans

  3. U notice one of the guards was mr egg

  4. Wait
    Squid game don't have in the game like steam epic game
    There's no way

  5. WOW!!!!! This artsyle is so cool, and it's something I've never seen!✨💫🌺💗

  6. Yes it was good for you and Naruto you were very nice and very good at the fact you 😀👍😉😊👌👏😀👍😉😊👌

  7. Squidward game is everywhere I cant escape it

  8. Player: may the best one win
    Laurenzside: don't talk to me

  9. What so player doesn't know veteran anymore

  10. BZ 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. Gametoons u should make a video of zardy if u do make zardy grab players with plants and takes u to a game

  12. I really like how bf thought it was just game without any deaths

  13. Ok now sqiud game has taken over the world

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