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Squid Game Logic 2 | Cartoon Animation

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Player now has to face the scariest, most dangerous games yet!

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  1. The 5 game is glass Bridge there 2 glass one is a real glass that can break the other glass can Hold 2 people that is the good glass that can’t break

  2. The 4 game is marbles don’t team with the girl because only one people will go to the 5 game so let the girl have a other people to 1v1 only 1 player can win

  3. sticks out foot
    "sHeS gOt SoMe MoVeS"

  4. How did we go from modded among us animations to eye candy?

  5. There something that doesn't make any here where the heck did the woman get the lighter from and where did the contestants get the weapons

  6. Can you do the FNF huggy huggy mod

  7. Can you do FNF buggy buggy mod

  8. Maybe a 3 mill special and the special is a among us logic video?

  9. i always laugh so hard when 002 got the very easy one and player got the most impossible shape i ever saw

  10. Why there are no more among us content?

  11. Ok for some reason how do you get a bat a Camp fire or wood And Rope and Any other Object How do they even get it is it voodoo magic Some magician Stuff or did they Just Had the stuff In their jacket

  12. So Can someone ask my question or the animator Should Ask my question and answer it And Just told Me its just a animation

  13. on tug of war they should be handcuffed to the rope but anyways good animation

  14. AT LEAST You Didn't Quit On Part 1. Still, You Need To Do More For Me To Resubscribe.

  15. Please do a FNF logic episode on the Sonic HD mod! 😀 its gonna be awesome battling Super Sonic! :)💎

  16. This is so DUUUMB first you make among us then fnf NOW THIS YOU ARE JUST RUINING EVERYTHING SO DUM

  17. wait :spoilers ahead in the show in the last round they get a meal right and theres three people that means player the girl and veteran are going to have to fight who do you think is gonna win? and there going to have the meal first

  18. your animations are great game toons, and getting better each day

  19. Say you’re a bunch of idiots and idiots aren’t going to catch up to mrbeast

  20. Ekam Jeet Kaur Class:6-B Roll no:4683 says:

    Plz make 3 part too

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