Spend Longer on Your Logic Games Setups | LSAT Demon Daily, Ep. 224 - evolve-gaming.com

Spend Longer on Your Logic Games Setups | LSAT Demon Daily, Ep. 224

LSAT Demon
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An anonymous Demon Live student completes untimed logic games with perfect accuracy, but she struggles with the harder games on timed sections. The best way to complete all four games in 35 minutes is to improve your efficiency on the easy games. Ben and Nathan recommend spending more time on the initial setups for logic games. Solve the system, and the questions will all be easy.

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  1. I personally love the dashboard. It gives me motivation and I use it as an indicator of when I should go back to a timed section. For instance, I got my LR section rating to 90. This is said to be rough indicator of my ability to answer the hardest questions in the LR section. After taking it under timed conditions the rating went down by a handful of points due to the results of the section. I assumed the demon incorporated that into my subsequent drilling sessions. Once I got my rating back to 90 I tested under timed conditions again and did substantially better. I'm a newer student and haven't used the demon for LG or RC as much yet, but this seems to be working for me.

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