Solve These Logic Brain Teaser Puzzles -

Solve These Logic Brain Teaser Puzzles

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Can you solve these matchstick logic puzzles? Play against the clock and test your brain. Different games with answers using matches, can you find the solution.
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  1. Dave could u tell how to make mustard souce

  2. For the maths equation you can also move one of the sticks from the plus sign and move it to the 3 to make it a 9

  3. stay safe in this time of sadness and death stay safe thats all i got to say stay safe

  4. Somebody please give out the time codes of the enigmas. I don't wanna see the solution yet and work them by myself.

  5. The First One It Said Make 4 Equal Squares By Moving 3 Sticks ill just remove the 3 sticks then boom done.

  6. Honestly, I feel like lots of youtubers should react to him (Davehax) because he really is a real hacks showcaser and not a fake one. (I'm referring to 5 minute crafts)

  7. Pretty clever huh?😊😊

  8. DaveHax: Can you move 2 matches to make the sum true
    Me: I don't know

    CAN I?

  9. Me: watch this video

    Also me: wait something wrong

    Future me: where the piano???

    Also future me: shut it take your 50000 likes and get the piano music back

  10. 喜歡 戴夫.哈維斯的 請來這裡報到

  11. I am spending my quarantine in India by watching your videos……

  12. I could just take each of the 1 to make 8 and say nothing add 8 = 8

  13. Nice one I love it you deserve more stars and subscribers

  14. 2:14 move one by taking it from the plus and using it to make the 3 a 9 1-9=8

  15. The one plast 3 has a no theirs way 😱😱😱😱

  16. You can also move the 2 sticks from the 1 to the 3 to make an 8 so it would be nothing/0 + 8 = 8

  17. For the 1+3=8 one, another way is to make 7+3≠3.

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