Solve the Logic Puzzles - Magic Math Tricks for Kids -

Solve the Logic Puzzles – Magic Math Tricks for Kids

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What are the logic puzzles? Logic puzzles are those simple math tricks which kids play to show their friends some magic with numbers and just let them go “WOW”. Let us take you through one of these tricks journeys and teach your kids a new trick to practice and try with their friends and family members.

The idea behind these puzzles and tricks is all about writing down the final answer which will come out in a piece of paper and sealing this paper to add more suspense to the game. The kid will then ask his/her friend to go through some steps which he/she is going to provide and they will find their answer in that paper.

There are a couple of steps to be followed for this logic puzzle to be solved and for the puzzle pieces to come along. The kid should first practice the steps needed in order to become a mathemagician and not appear like reading from a piece of paper. These steps which the child will ask his/her friend or family member to follow are:
– First, ask your friend to choose a whole number that is bigger than zero.
– Second, ask your friend to square that number (which is the same as multiplying it by itself) ().
– Third, let your friend add the original number to the squared number they have.
– Fourth, ask your friend now to divide the number they have by the original number they have chosen.
– Fifth, now let them add 17 to their calculation mission.
– Sixth, let your friend take away the original number.
– Seventh and finally, ask your friend to eventually divide the number they now have by 6.

The final answer for this trick will be always 3 and the magic is when the person you are doing this trick for brings out their final answer and find it the same as the one they have calculated at the end.

These tricks are different and every single one of them will be following specific steps and calculations according to the final answer of the magic trick which they are doing. If your kid wants to learn different other tricks that are similar to this one, we have some on our channel for them to check, here are some links:

Brain teasers, math games, logic puzzles; these are all names given to those mind tricks that are done and played with numbers in order to learn math in a fun way and give the kids more self-confidence for the tricks they are doing and the right answers and calculations at the end ().

Math is best taught and learned through tricks, games and puzzles because they end up being some challenges for the kids which they love to keep up with and end up solving the whole thing while being the winners. It is important to depend on these different games, tricks and puzzles to give the kids the chance to develop their thinking skills as well since they will be trying to solve the equation, deal with the provided materials, etc.

Kids could learn different mathematical operations through these different tricks and puzzles, such as addition and subtraction, and we believe that it ends up sticking in the mind of the kid faster and for a longer period of time because of the different technique and method used ().

Do you now know how to solve such mathematical logical puzzles? Let your kid practice this game and try doing the magical effect on the kids, will they eventually succeed?

Parents should never worry because practicing will help the kids to eventually learn and they might take some time but this is considered acceptable because kids are different and the time they will take might differ from one to the other.

The tips we want to offer to the kids when it comes to these tricks is to make sure that the person they are playing with is not giving the answers out until the end of the game, and at the same time the kid should either seal the answer and place it for later reveal or else say it at the end.

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