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#shorts😥The best logic game ever |MINECRAFT

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  1. The only thing that’d make Minecraft weirder dis if trees could float

  2. It's a video game the logic doesn't have to make sense

  3. The gold pickaxe like lol surprise bitch

  4. Yooo Dat1Nedyak and soto is me IM A BIG FANNN

  5. That's why the golden pickaxe is one of the item that I kinda hate

  6. It's because they thought gold is softer then diamond and iron so let's make it weaker

  7. gold is actually super soft so yes the game does make sense

  8. No, it makes perfect logic.


    Because yes.

  9. Mincraft logic at its finest and dumbest at the same time

  10. Gold is saying you have gold you don't need me 😂😂

  11. Ive seen so much of these fucking vids minecraft isn’t irl

  12. Yeah gold is somewhat fragile so it breaks fast and can’t mine a lot

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