Sample LSAT Logic Game #4 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions -

Sample LSAT Logic Game #4 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions

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Game #4 from the official June ’07 LSAT exam.

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  1. Hey Mike, how does one know "When" to set up frames, as they can be Extremely helpful?Thanks!

  2. Why isn’t N and T possible in question number 23? Center 3 can recycle three materials, P T N, correct? What am I missing here?

  3. im missing where does any of this speak on the rules of P?

  4. I do not understand why P cannot go into 2…?

  5. I'm confused on #21. Why can't 1 and 2 recycle N,T,G and have 3 recycle N,W,P in scenario 2?

  6. where the heck did T come from? T is a free agent why does it HAVE to be with W over an in T/W?

  7. Starting out, why or how did you know to start with P?

  8. In game 4 why does G has to be in the frame? There is no rule that states that and I don't see how it can be forced to have G in the frame.

  9. Thank you for this breakdown, your videos are incredibly helpful to those of us studying on our own! While setting up the initial diagram, I don't fully understanding how you made the thought process that led you to infer that letters T/W and N go in the first frame rather than the second frame.

  10. On question 23 why not wood and newsprint in center 2

  11. Just want you guys to know that your videos are incredibly helpful. Really appreciate it!

  12. Hi! I'm still in highschool… but I plan on going into law school. I know that I have a minimum of 7 years ahead of me. But I look forward to it. I've decided to already begin preparation for the LSAT… never too early to start, I suppose. You make it really easy to understand. (:

  13. hello! I'm new to this whole lsat course. finding it very difficult to really understand the whole course. i am trying so hard to follow it but i just cannot get the concept. i wish there will be videos on lsat for beginners and also on how to make meaning out of the lessons. i wish i really understood everything that you taught. thanks!

  14. I think your last question explanation has an error in it (although it doesn't change the answer). In the last question in this video Center 3 would HAVE to have Tin in it. The passage states that EXACTLY 5 types of materials are recycled at the 3 centers, if Center 3 were to only recycle Newsprint that would only be 4 material types recycled. So P and N alone isn't an accurate option for Center 3. It should be Center 1: W N G, Center 2: N G, Center 3: P T (N/-). Meaning that last possibility should be T or Both, but not just N.

  15. What is question 23 specifically asking? I am a little confused.

  16. Do you have more vidoes going through these problems? Other than your other ones from June 07?

  17. Why do we have two frames/games for this problem?

  18. I saw that they had to get taken down, but I just wanted to say thank you so, SO much for the videos you did on LG. Your organized and methodical strategies were instrumental in my ability to solve and conquer LG and I would not be confident without your unique and effective guidance. Having such an incredible resource truly felt Heaven sent. I hope you know how much of a postive impact you have. Thanks again!

  19. Thank you for the video but I seem to still be confused with the answer for question 23. If Center 1 is the only center that recycles wood that means center 1 must recycle at least wood and newsprint. Since whatever center 2 recycles center 1 must also recycle, that means that center 2 must recycle newsprint and one other material. I was wondering why can't center 2 then recycle tin and then center 1 recycles wood, newsprint, and tin. Then for center 3 we know for sure it has to recycle plastic and then we are left with either newsprint or tin or both for center 3 as well. From this set-up we would see that center 2 recycles tin and newsprint which is option c but it is incorrect. I was wondering if anyone knew if I was missing something or perhaps it is a mistake on part of the question. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. Can someone explain 19. If u recycle plastic in one than u have to recycle that at 2. Which violates the rule

  21. I really appreciate that you highlight the different versions of the process of elimination. Originally when I started taking practice tests, I realized I would read the questions and then go down the list of possible answers, even with rule related questions. From your videos, I’ve started going down the rules and crossing out options more quickly. This has saved me time and also some sanity with the long answers of item orders.

  22. Why do we have to have at least one G? 2:13 mark. Based on the explicit rules, I can create frames where that isn't the case. For instance: Center 1: PWN; Center 2: WN; Center 3: WNT. There is no rule dictating that G must be recycled at one of the centers, or in a similar vein, that all materials must be used per frame.

  23. I wouldn’t think to graph it like that.. I thought I was great at thinking logically. I think I’m over thinking it all? I think it’s time to apply to a retail job.

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