Sample LSAT Logic Game #3 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions -

Sample LSAT Logic Game #3 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions

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Game #3 from the official June ’07 LSAT exam.

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  1. I watched your videos four years ago and now I am billing $500 an hour!

  2. Thank you SO much for these videos! I have been studying for months and still haven't felt like I made substantial progress but since watching your videos I feel WAY more confident and like I am actually gaining an understanding of how to properly play Logic Games 🙂 THANK YOU!

  3. Hello. I think that your videos are really good as well. I had a question on #16. Why can T come before J? I didn't see that anywhere in the rules?

  4. Could you please explain condition 3 a little further? Why exactly is a G not ALWAYS presented before a J? Thank you in advance!

  5. i dont quite understand how you got d for the last one thanks sir

  6. Hello, great video and thank you for it! I was wondering if you were able to explain further Question 14 and why T can't be in the second spot. Or is a question that the answer has to occur in all possible voyages? Thank you in advance!

  7. I did not think I could do it but I bought your LSAT Trainer and it has made all the difference. Thank you!

  8. For question 13, why couldn’t T be first ? As in T M G J T M T? I don’t see how this breaks any of the rules, thus allowing choice A to work too ?

  9. On question 14, if M can go into weeks 2/3, then answer choices C is true too. Can you explain what made you go with (E) over C?

  10. For Question 12. is choice E, is not a viable answer. If the Freedom stops at Guadalupe during the 3rd week it must stop at Jamaica for the fourth but the rules state that Jamacia cannot be week 4. Please explain and thank you!

  11. I am really hoping to take this exam soon, I have been studying with your materials for the past 2 months and I know I am getting better but I am just not sure if I should take the upcoming exam…. why can't we have T infront of J for this question?

  12. Just curious – can't we also infer from the ruleset that J cannot be week 1?

  13. You could have made another inference in the initial diagram. J cannot be first, since it would require a G to come before it.

  14. Shouldn't we write in our diagram for the rules that J can't go in slot one? Since G has to be before J, and G can't go before J if J is in slot one.

  15. If G before J you should be able to eliminate J from position 1, yeah?

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