Sample LSAT Logic Game #2 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions -

Sample LSAT Logic Game #2 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions

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Game #2 from the official June ’07 LSAT exam.

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  1. hi this is old but im curious on #8 how did we even get 6???? no explanation for it

  2. 😑I didn't know you had to assume that they already counted one of the variables on the last two questions, making the answer always x-1 for a complete and exhaustive list.

  3. i had to puase on question 8 and teach myself why exactly is 6 correct. I thought it meant if we took L out of the game completely. wheeeewh gotta read closely. great game, thanks Mike

  4. Question # 9 stumped me not sure how he got that answer

  5. So, on 10 you have the answer as D but doesn't that break the last rule of the scenario

  6. On first question, I picked C as it is most likely, but I still don't see how it is correct either, as the rule states Not both and no other movie shown After. So how can C be fully correct since there is two movies showing (Limelight and then Greed)?

  7. wait why was it crossed off? was it bc it cant be both G or L under Friday?

  8. how much time do you have for this 10 question segment ?

  9. My answer to #8 is E)Seven. Is it incorrect to answer Thursday: L G H, Friday: H G, Saturday: L H?

  10. Not sure if this is still active but one of the major problems I'm having with games is interpreting the meaning of the rules, particularly the first one. It simply says that H is shown on Thursday and no other film is shown after that. You immediatley infered that it must go last. However- couldn't it be the case that H was shown second and G or L was shown first and nothing was shown in the third slot? Or that G and L were shown first and second and H was shown third- that still makes it so no film was shown after it because it went last. Or what if H was shown first and no films were shown after it? With that set up it matches the other two rules- why does it appear so diffinitive that H is last?

  11. l took far too long on these scenerios. Thanks for the help. l'm 54 and l want to fill my bucket list

  12. Thank you so much for these videos!! It helps a lot!

  13. sorry i dont understand this, the problem doesn't state that 3 films should show on each day i think, its during the festival, can u explain it further sir, thanks

  14. For the second question, why is the correct answer not B as well

  15. For question 8, why is the answer 6 when harvest is the only movie that is played on thursday. Why is it not five? Thank you appreciate your videos!

  16. Thank you, very very helpful and clear explanation

  17. It's quite annoying that for question 10 the answer relies on the fact Harvest MUST be shown on Thursday already. I overlooked this and assumed that Harvest would be included in what COULD be shown.

  18. The question and explanation doesn't say if there should be films playing before it. Which just confuses anyone who tries to think logically. "On Saturday either Greed or Harvest, but not both, is shown, and no film is shown after it on that day." This suggest that there are only two of these films played that day and no Limelight. Trick question I guess but if it was worded differently and more clear it would be cake walk

  19. There is a flaw in the solution to question 10:

    The solution D does not account for the first rule of the setup, as Harvest must be shown on Thursday. If the solution is to account for this rule, then it must be the case that e is the correct answer, with the solution as follows;
    Thursday (Limelight, Green, Harvest); Friday (Limelight); Saturday (Limelight, Harvest).

  20. What I've learned from this is that any question that shows a list of variables, shows them in the order that they'll appear. #10 tripped me up a lot until I read the comments lol. I've also learned that I need to pay way more attention when I read smh

  21. I'm sorry, but lets take Friday just as one: _ _ _ (assuming there is more than one film playing that day, nothing dictates so) I agree on _ _ G/L, but why – _ G/L? If it's because "at least once but never more than once on a given day," that still leaves room for L _ G and G _ L… They're only being used once.

  22. The hardest part about this exam is timing. You only have 35 minutes to complete each section. If you guess on a lot of questions due to running out of time, then good luck getting a score in the 160s or 170s on this exam.

  23. Number ten is legitimately stupid. The question says “complete” but without Harvest in the schedule, it’s not “complete” and we know Harvest has to be in the schedule no matter what. None of these answers are right

  24. Doesn't Harvest need to show on Thursday? Or am I missing something on the last question?

  25. Not well explained or at least it's not making sense to me on the LHG films playing sequence.

  26. Can you please tell why on question3 , we can't put 7 numbers. On second scenario why we can't put L, G on saturday . We can do that since L is earlier than G not later. Also why can't we put L, G,H on Thursday on first scenario

  27. I got B for Q#10, because G can either go Thursday or Saturday so it’s not set for Thursday, so the film that is for sure on Thursday is Limelight… please tell me how it’s D?? 😭

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