Sample LSAT Logic Game #1 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions -

Sample LSAT Logic Game #1 | From the June 07 Exam | Questions + Solutions

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Play along with Mike Kim, author of The LSAT Trainer, as he solves Game 1 from the official June 2007 LSAT.

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  1. Omg thank you so much for this. I'm currently studying for the April test and was about to pay over $1200 to learn are a life saver

  2. Does anyone else struggle with erasing? You seem to write/re-write so often and add/remove options. I have trouble erasing on the exam and end up spending half of my time rewriting the order for different examples. I think this is what is cutting into my time. EX: when you split up the (0,3,4) and (0,1,3)

  3. Once I saw how you set up the two first-second place scenarios, I figured it out. Thanks Mike. Well presented.

  4. Were these simplified? Because I got them all right…

  5. Dude are you on tik tok ? I’m preparing for my test too but it’s not for anytime soon.

  6. Please explain Q.5: "there are at most two digits between 2,4": in many of the frames, there are NO digits between 2,4 . . . ?

  7. no lie, I skipped this game every time i came across it. Thanks for the easy explanation

  8. In Q 5 why can’t D be correct? It seems it has more of the most digits that answer E

  9. Thanks so much for these videos. They really help people who don't have the money to pay for tutors.

  10. Excellent video Mike! This is helping me get off on the right foot…

  11. you're the best mike!!! Very clear, very concise!!

  12. Thanks a lot for these videos, Mike! I knew nothing at all about the Logic Games before watching your videos and I feel like a pro now! Really appreciate it.

  13. I'm so happy I got every single answer right! I think the Logic Games section will not be a problem for me if I just break the sentence down by the rules strategically. I've been practing this all day

  14. Honest question, is this one of the easier logic games you'd find on the LSAT?

  15. Very clear and easy explanation! Thank you so much for your help!

  16. thank you so much i'm not new to this but haven't tackled it in a while, thank you for the instruction, would you have any advice on preparation routines and perhaps any additional study material you'd recommend?

  17. Hey Mike Kim, Can I get #3 detail explanation?

  18. Mike, thank you for your spectacular, clear explanation. Is it possible you you can provide a detailed explanation of how you got to two possibilities (1,2) and (2,4). I get the first one, but I can only think that we have to assume the second one? Why don't I see it?

  19. You are by far the best logic games teacher thank you so much!!!

  20. I didn't understand Q #5. There are no digits between 2 & 4 in equation 4, 5, 6.

  21. Following along and learning how to map things out truly has made all the difference. These videos are a life saver! Thank you

  22. Wait I’m so confused about #5! How is the answer E ? Even tho I eliminated them all and I still got that answer, idk how it’s E because to me it still didn’t work :/

  23. LOL. I love how there are 18K for the first game and then… not so much for games 2-4.

  24. my question is, how do you automatically know you should create 6 frames… Clearly the frames all help with answering the questions because they correspond closely with them. However if I was doing this on my own I definitely would have not thought to create 6 frames and I would not have gotten the answers correct.

  25. These games are so much fun to me! I'm almost tempted to take the LSAT for the hell of it!

  26. How much time would one a lot these questions during the examination

  27. Why isn’t zero two the first rule answer?

  28. Not sure if comments are still being responded to, but can the answer to question #5 be explained. This was a fairly simple game for me but that answer really confused me.

  29. I’m an incoming freshman in college studying for the LSAT…I hope it pays off in the end.

  30. Wow this is probably the easiest LSAT game I've ever seen. All my games were super difficult. Only if I wrote my exam in '07.

  31. Excellent, clear explanation. Thank You! Very helpful.

  32. Why does the question count the digits in the wrong order (1 on the left, 5 on the right). Do people who aspire to law school not know math? Lowest order is on the right in numbers.

  33. These videos are clear and concise and really helpful. Thank you!

  34. Yea this question is too easy, like many others have said.

  35. How can E be the correct answer for the last one? IN 4,5,6 – 2 and 4 are right next to each other and dont have 2 digits between them. And in 2 it only has one digit between them ?

  36. 这也太能分类讨论了吧,Bible就没有这么教

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