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RPG Game Logic

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Going to a weapon shop in an RPG game.

King Kaiyo – melodic
Oddwin – 19


  1. Why doesn’t he just use the sword to hit people over the head. Knowing rpgs it’ll probably do the same amount as actually using it lol.

  2. Little did he know he'll kill an enemy in a bit and drops the same knife he had which somehow has better stats then the sword.

  3. How do you know what level I am?

    That's Plot


  4. No returns. Keep that. You keep that. And grind up with that little broken dagger. That little broken knife. You grind up with that until you can use that. I told you!

  5. 'your not high enough level'….reminds me of witcher 3 witch is actually bullcrap game logic.

  6. I am watching this for the millionth time and I am now realizing there is peaceful RPG game music in the begining.

  7. whats even worse, is that they will let you sell the sword back, BUT FOR YOU GET HALF THE ORIGIONAL PRICE! so you end up losing money and having nothing in total 😐

  8. My man just broke his knife and decided to do a skit. Amazing story 👌

  9. Just wait he hits level 100 and realizes that the glove is better

  10. He should've got the sandles
    Based off experience they do allot of damage

  11. The worst part is that when you reach that level you have weapons way stronger than that one

  12. Does this mean the shopkeeper is max level??

  13. the weapons some what resembles undertale: what I usually use= "worn dagger" left/right boxing glove="tough glove" slippers="ballet shoes" screwdriver="stick"

  14. Rpg plot: start, do accidentaly 300 side quest, get an terrible weapon, need more levels, farming, need more bucks, farming, need something else, farm and accidentaly get killed losing progress of farming, get your stuff back, get revenge, keep farming, need more levels for a specific weapon that cost a lot of bucks, F a r m i n g

  15. Why is a boxing glove the same price as a Katana?

  16. tmw a boxxinng glove for your right hand is more expensive than a full out sword


    Me telling my girlfriend why I’m a higher level than her

  18. Plot Twist: He actually could unleash his weapon, he was just in the weapon shop

  19. When you keep the high level weapon in your inventory until you level up but you're so strong by the time you hit that level you might as well use fist instead of the weapon

  20. In the far past: the legendary weapon is just to look at as a decorative
    In the near past: the legendary weapon would've been a secret unlockable/end-game item
    In modern times: You have to pay real world money to get it in a loot box

  21. after completely annihilating the player's pride
    talk to merchant
    Player: How bout a round of gwent?
    Merchant: nods

  22. Fine I'll get those damn gloves… but I'm broke, so can I sell this blade back?
    Of course! I'll buy it… for 9000 red gems.
    WHAT.. 9000?! You sold me this shit for 800.000 red gems, and now you offer me 9000 to sell it back? It's in pristine condition ffs, I didn't even get to USE the damn thing!

  23. Hold on a sec, the merchant being able to unsheathe the sword means that all the merchants in the game is stronger then the protaganist.

  24. Thats the smuggest "Whats wrong?" anyone has ever said.

  25. The slipper is mums deadliest weapon 😂😂😂

  26. Kingdom come deliverance: That's a joke, right? RIGHT?

  27. "What I usually use is broken"..holds up a butter knife…Lmao!

  28. Bro I’ve seen this video like 20 times and it’s still hilarious lmfao

  29. Brooooo “no return either” I’m fucking crying rn

  30. The moms know those chancletas are good projectiles

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