Relaxing Games 2021 [Cozy, Calm & Comforting] -

Relaxing Games 2021 [Cozy, Calm & Comforting]

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Chill out with these relaxing games to play on PC in 2021.

Games that get your heart racing are great, but sometimes we want something a little more, well, relaxing. Whether they’re peaceful puzzlers, creative builders, or full of our favourite furry friends, we love cozy and chill games. As they’re so many to pick from we thought we’d make it easy for you and put together a list of the best ones to play on PC right now. Yes, many cats included.

So here is our list of the most relaxing games 2021:

Intro 00:00
1 Dorfromantik 00:56
2 Cats Organized Neatly 01:51
3 Townscaper 02:39
4 Alba: A Wildlife Adventure 03:28
5 Cloud Gardens 04:13
6 Planet Zoo 05:01
7 Virtual Cottage 05:47
Outro 06:34

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  1. tremendous upload Logitech G. I killed that thumbs up on your video. Always keep up the high-quality work.

  2. really enjoyed alba. one of my fav games this year tbh

  3. I'm surprised u didn't mention sky and gris

  4. Whyyyyyy do i have to payyyyyy🤏🏼🥺

  5. You sound so excited. Really enjoyed this video!

  6. Can u give the link of first game dafromantik

  7. Exactly what I was looking after a league match , dogshit plat players

  8. I thought these were going to be free?

  9. 🐷🐮🐑🐥🐤🐣🐄🐖🦆🐔💛💛💛

  10. Happy Street. (you do have to sit thru some ads)

  11. Can’t go wrong with relaxing driving games! Some examples on my channel 🙂

  12. Could you please also give the Information on which Plattform these games are available?

  13. i liked it all ty for sharing i might get the zoo one lol

  14. Completed Alba a wildlife adventure, amazing game.

  15. This video just showed me that gaming isn't over yet, I am trying at least one of these games.

  16. The narrator sounds exactlyyy like Simon Whistler from top tens but as a woman

  17. Wonderful video about wonderful games! I want to try them all! And I probably should. 😁 Thank you! Stay safe. ❤️

  18. These looks interesting. From all of them I tried something similar to the kitty one and played/play Planet Zoo..but its sometimes not relaxing,haha 😀 Still loving it!
    Noting these ones down, to try them ;3

  19. Could you pls put what consoles it’s available? Hehe

  20. Could you start putting if these games are free or not so we know if we can just download it or we have to pay first?

  21. Is that the voice of Emma Watson???haha REALLY similar!!

  22. I was searching for the title "Virtual Cottage". One night I found this game and it was free as well on steam and I thought I added it into my wishlist and now I finally found it again, TY!

  23. plzz i need to pay jbfcjdevdjhnd im gonna go cry now ty

  24. this doesn't seem as relaxing as doom eterneal

  25. That water building one remind me of Metal Gear Solid outer heaven boss would be proud

  26. who made this video? i love it! does she have her own channel ?

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