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Puzzle Games: Remove Red Block – Vault Productions

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We are glad to introduce to you the newest block puzzle of the season, remove the red block! Very interesting and addictive block craft!

Rules of the logic games is to remove all red blocks and keep save the green. Some of the red blocks can not just delete them have to fold, they will stand on platforms that can be removed. Even in the cube games has blue – neutral blocks, it is not important to remove you from it or not, they perform an auxiliary function.

The puzzles is divided into 45 levels of interest, some of which will not be easy to go through to win. Passing levels, you get points for which you can buy funny hats for the green blocks in the future. The game will be passed when all the red blocks fall and one green at the same time not fall, and as long as the blocks will not stop, the game will be considered passed. Each block has its own animation, angry red, green and fear, as well, they have a voice, screaming when the blocks fall. This animation gives the game a special exciting atmosphere, the game becomes more interesting and more fun.

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