PrepTest 6 Game 4: Mapping Bridges to Islands // Logic Games [#24] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning] -

PrepTest 6 Game 4: Mapping Bridges to Islands // Logic Games [#24] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning]

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Although I wouldn’t say this section has been *difficult*, it has had several mapping games, which is rare. What’s nice about a mapping game is that the diagram is usually quite obvious, and in fact sometimes the game’s setup will essentially give you the diagram. What’s tough about mapping games is that the diagrams aren’t always as re-usable as on other games, so it’s harder to keep track of what you’ve already figured out or what’s possible for general questions.

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By request of some commenters, I will be mixing it up in the next few LSAT videos. For my next video, I will do all of PrepTest 7’s games section at once, demonstrating how to get your pacing under 35 minutes for the section. Then I will follow that up with a full explanation of the process, which I don’t believe I’ve done since the very early games in this series.

As promised, I continue to work through all three-hundred-ish games of the official LSAT releases. If you have a particular game you’d like me to move up in the order, throw it in the comments and I’ll do my best.

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  1. It's funny you mention JK Rowling. I was just telling someone that when I envision these games in my head, it's like when Hagrid is telling the people in the moving pictures where to go. Lol

  2. Very Helpful Tim ! Big thank you for taking the time

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