PrepTest 5 Game 1: Order/Group Hybrid Game // Logic Games [#17] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning] -

PrepTest 5 Game 1: Order/Group Hybrid Game // Logic Games [#17] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning]

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This is the first game of the games section of the June 1992 LSAT. It’s a bit of a funny order/group hybrid, in which the “groups” are the grades, and the elements are the classes in which you get a given grade. But because the grades are in order (A to B to C, etc.), most of the clues are order clues. Beyond that, the groups themselves are variable: multiple classes can be assigned the same grade, and no grade *has* to have any particular number of classes. It makes for a somewhat more difficult than average starting game, and I presume it probably is NOT the easiest game in this section. But we’ll see.

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As promised, I continue to work through all three-hundred-ish games of the official LSAT releases. This is the LSAT PrepTest 5 Game 1. If you have a particular game you’d like me to move up in the order, throw it in the comments and I’ll do my best.

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  1. Can you do one where you go as fast as you can?

  2. Thanks so much for this video! can you explain why on #2 it can't be answer choice E? I think if we have different combinations both E can D choices can be true or false, which doesnt make either one of them absolutely true.

  3. Game 1 question 3 the answer is (E) not (A). The IR block can still be a RI block. So (A) helps us with the history spot, but not the IR block

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