PrepTest 5 Game 1: Order/Group Hybrid Game // Logic Games [#17] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning] -

PrepTest 5 Game 1: Order/Group Hybrid Game // Logic Games [#17] [LSAT Analytical Reasoning]

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This is the first game of the games section of the June 1992 LSAT. It’s a bit of a funny order/group hybrid, in which the “groups” are the grades, and the elements are the classes in which you get a given grade. But because the grades are in order (A to B to C, etc.), most of the clues are order clues. Beyond that, the groups themselves are variable: multiple classes can be assigned the same grade, and no grade *has* to have any particular number of classes. It makes for a somewhat more difficult than average starting game, and I presume it probably is NOT the easiest game in this section. But we’ll see.

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As promised, I continue to work through all three-hundred-ish games of the official LSAT releases. This is the LSAT PrepTest 5 Game 1. If you have a particular game you’d like me to move up in the order, throw it in the comments and I’ll do my best.

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  1. Love these… I always try to set-up and answer the questions prior to seeing your set-ups and answers. For this game, I personally found it easier for the grades to be my elements and the classes to be my columns. I needed to add one element per available slot vs. multiple elements per available slot, so it was easier for me to stay organized. But, everyone's brain works differently.

  2. wording is confusing…just because something is higher than the other, doesn't mean consecutive according to the directions

  3. Can you do one where you go as fast as you can?

  4. Thanks so much for this video! can you explain why on #2 it can't be answer choice E? I think if we have different combinations both E can D choices can be true or false, which doesnt make either one of them absolutely true.

  5. Game 1 question 3 the answer is (E) not (A). The IR block can still be a RI block. So (A) helps us with the history spot, but not the IR block

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