PHYSICS LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2021) -

PHYSICS LOGIC in GTA Games (2001-2021)

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👋 Hey Family! In this video we take a look at the Evolution of physics logic in GTA Games From 2001 to 2021. I hope you will enjoy.

🎮 Experiments:
⬛ Experiment #1: Jumping out of a moving helicopter (00:00)
⬛ Experiment #2: Jumping out of a moving plane (05:42)

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  1. 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙧 𝙎𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙖 says:

    Gta liberty city stories 😂

  2. Then why the f**k you pulled the parachute if you want to see what happens in GTA v5 so why did you bought a parachute dummy

  3. Vice city made in 2002 I can use planes and helicopters. Vice city stories at least we can use cars 😅

  4. Franklin love gymnastics he be doing cart wheels after he already dead

  5. GTA 4 the ballad of gay tony he can using parachute

  6. You can never tell if it is night or day in gta. 3

  7. Congratulation for 100k subscribers 100k army 😂

  8. Come on claude lets get you on the worst plane in gta history
    Claude: uh why
    Because we want to watch you jump out the plane and painfully die
    Claude: uh i cant jump out of a moving plane

  9. I love your chanel because intro music <3

  10. Anyone gonna talk about that style franklin landed like a super hero on his knees while backfliping and sliding

  11. W GTA Vice City możesz zginąć od pobicia ale nie od upadku z wysokości
    GTA logic
    WTF ?!

  12. Si jugué varios gtas pero tus vídeos no me gustan xq insitas a personas a hacer cosas peligrosas

  13. In gta iv if you hit a building right before hitting the ground you'll survive every time

  14. 5:17 how did this guy survive dragging his head on the concrete floor

  15. Like what he said Victor doesn't give a damn about gravity

  16. betaz qual o nome dessa música

  17. The reason Franklin has the parachute was because you bought it

  18. Here in the Philippines, GTA San Andreas is the most famous GTA game.

  19. What's that background music name tell me plzzzz the first one

  20. tommy when at jump of from the air
    tommy:this is fine im just tired

  21. Someone: Who's the best physics teacher?
    Me: Papa Niko

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