Mugger logic in games -

Mugger logic in games

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Let’s take on the most powerful hero in all the land – The Witcher logic


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  1. Skyrim bandits are hilarious!!!!!!! ROFL they always show up just to get killed and I steal their clothes

  2. Me and my friend double teaming the best player in the server be like: 1:16

  3. Someday I hope to have half the courage of the Muggers.

  4. "What are we?"
    "What do muggers do?"
    "We mug people."
    Me: You know guys, that Watcher dude overheard everything you were saying. He even sharpened his swords while you were talking…

  5. The mugger threats, the mugger intimidation, the muggers death by supreme Watcher swordsmanship!

  6. A seven-headed hydra, sure, but it started off as a one-headed hydra.

  7. Lmao Skyrim. A bandit will come up to me talking about "Gimmie your money" like, I know that on your way here, you saw me kill those legendary dragons and I turned into a vampire lord, you just fearless aren't ya?

  8. Still a joy to watch after all these years, you guys really have created quite an epic npc adventure!

  9. "The Watcher". XD What a great way to get past copyright!

  10. Bandit #1: Wait, thats the Watcher, he is legendary and too powerful

    Bandit #2: Thinks about the legendary loot

  11. Random Orc: "Aw, lookit the little baby PC."
    Me; in full overenchanted Ebony armor with a dragonslayer katana made to suck out souls: "….You SURE you wanna shit talk me….?"

  12. red, master of all 151 pokemon, has caught mewtwo, has singlehandedly destroyed team rocket, has collected every gym badge and crushed the elite 4
    bug catcher: LET'S GO BATTLE HIM!

  13. But there were two of us and one of him.

  14. How do the mugger episodes not have more than a million views? They are some of the best episodes idk why.

  15. Mornin'! Nice day for muggin', aint it? Huh huah!

  16. I'm a bit disappointed there is no mug with the muggers and the slogan "Let's go mug 'em!" or "I'll mug ya!" in the merch store :'(


  18. The last 20 seconds of this video were the funniest. That boy was fully converted to the mugger way of life. Never go full mugger.

  19. What was the watcher doing there😂😂😂😂?

  20. Me: kills every bandit except for their boss
    Boss: Ha! You can't defeat me! I'll kill you. Come on guys, let's kill him!
    Me: ehm…. are you okay? Do you know what happened around you? Like you're the only one standing and you've got a stick while I've got an epic sword…. but okay 😂
    use igni or ard for the 100th time
    Boss: surprised Be careful, guys! He uses magic!

    Ah they are so dumb and brave…. ㅠㅠ❤

  21. Yeah, I know the feeling. I always need a mug after a mugging gone bad..

  22. When this first came out I couldn't help but laugh every time Bernard said let's mug em

  23. Just like me, thinking about the loot instead of the consequences i might get

  24. classic , doesn't matter if i re-watch this more 1000 time's

  25. Amount of people not getting this too dam high

  26. "there was 1000 orcs in that army!" 😂😂😂😂

  27. Ben saying “We’re muggahs!” Is so perfect with the expression he makes, Rowan’s ok, too 🥴

  28. Feels like playing the Witcher
    Literaly two farmers without any arms: "Hey, isn't that the 'White Wolf', the BUTCHER OF BLAVIKEN ?" "Maybe…" "Hey Freak, we don't like you! Lets fight!"

  29. Reminds me strongly of Monty Python, which is a good thing. Probably could have ended it, like, a second after the muggers got killed, though. Or even just… not shown that part. We all knew what was going to happen. You could have had them charge off screen and just cut to black, maybe with a slash noise.

  30. it's nothing new and you are thinking with a post-internet brain, not a medieval period brain with little to no means of communication and uneducated savages, remember when you were a kid and tought the next neighborhood or town was faaar away ? kind of like that, go watch Zatoichi's movies from the 60's and you'll see the same, he has killed hundreds of people by the end of the serie and after a few adventures he goes from "i'm badass" to "please leave me alone, stop making me kill you" they kind of justify it with bandit phrases like "surely it can't be true, it's exagerated"

  31. I believe it’s the first occurrence of the name Shmagenrog!

  32. when you mess around with a high level pay to win player

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