Move only 3 stick to get the coin inside | Tricky Matchstick Puzzles with Answer -

Move only 3 stick to get the coin inside | Tricky Matchstick Puzzles with Answer

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Move only 3 stick to get the coin inside | Tricky Matchstick Puzzles with Answer

How sharp are your logic skills? Can you crak all these amazing riddles? Riddles and braintesers can imrpove your brain power by 60% and improve your memory. Matchstick riddles might seem a little childish, but many of them are so difficult not even adults can crack them.

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  1. Easy, just move one match stick, slide the coin in, and move the match stick back where it was.

  2. Take a stick from + to make it – and put that stick to change = into ≠.

    The answer will be 1-8≠5 😎

  3. How about "one minus eight is not equal to five"? >>>>> 1 – 8 ≠ 5 <<<<< Get this by taking the vertical stick off the "plus" sign and using it to make an "is not equal to" sign out of the existing "equals" sign.

  4. Remove any 3 sticks. Put coin inside. Replace the 3 sticks.

  5. You only need to move the one closest to the penny: open the corral, put the penny in, close the corral

  6. Stick together 3 top sticks and flip over to cover the coin.

  7. Move only 3 "stick"? WTH? How about, move only 3 matches. SMFNH! I ain't even watching.

  8. Move 1 stick in number five to make it nine. Equation will be correct ✅

  9. i only need 1 stick to move to get the coin inside

  10. move the vertical stick from the plus sign and put it 45 degrees over the = sign. ( 1 – 8 is not equal to 5)

  11. 3 match stick can make a triangle around the coin

  12. For the las t puzzle move one of the sticks in 8 to let the equation as "1+6≠5"

  13. 1+8=9 move the top match from the number 1, and move it to the 5 to change it to 9.

  14. Another rule should have been the squares don't have to be the same size.

  15. 3:10 Won’t make a nice house shape but… Take left roof and rotate over roof-peak to form 45’ angle around coin. Take left wall and join vertically to the one you just moved. Take floor and rotate around right wall to join bottom of second stick.

  16. Take the bottom two and turn them up until they are on the sides taking no sticks

  17. … 1 + 8 = 5 ….. move the bottom stick of the 5 to upper right side of 5 to make it a 9…

  18. Sorry but you don’t have five or seven squares.
    Last puzzle: change the 5 in to a nine by moving the bottom of the 5 to the top right.

  19. 2:55 I’m fairly sure no amount of moving matchsticks could “get inside the coin.” You’d need sticks of something highly caustic or perhaps radioactive…

  20. take the bottom on the 5 and turn it into the number 9 …lol…

  21. 3 wala wrong hai
    7 ki jagah 6 square hai
    Cheating ka rahe hai 😂😂

  22. 2:05

    Four plus two equal seven apparently

    Really "good" solution. Notice how the word good in quotation marks?

  23. Move the bottom stick and turn 5 into 9

  24. Jsem zaneprázdněný, tak to nechte později

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