Move only 1 stick to make equation correct, Matchstick puzzle ✔ -

Move only 1 stick to make equation correct, Matchstick puzzle ✔

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Move only 1 stick to make equation 1-2=7 correct, Matchstick puzzle ✔✔

In this video, you’ll watch 5 matchstick puzzles with answers, If you need some extra time to solve pause the video. 6th puzzle is for practice, just comment your answer.

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You will watch answer of these matchstick puzzle in this video.

1) matchstick puzzle 1-1=9
2) matchstick puzzle 3-4=1
3) matchstick puzzle 0-3=6
4) matchstick puzzle 3+4=9
5) matchstick puzzle 1-2=7

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  1. For #1 also 7-1=6
    For #2 also 3=4-1
    For #3 also 8-3=5
    For #5 also 1-2=-1
    For #6 9-2=7 or 5+2=7

    For #4 I couldn't find anything more but at least if we move 2 matches we could get 4+4=8 or 2+4=6


  3. There was a another answer for 3# the answer is 8-3=5

  4. For #6 there are two answers have first change the 3 as 5 then 5+2=7 and second change the + as – and keep in number 3 as 9 then now 9-2=7

  5. For the 1'st you could just move a stick from the middle of the nine to the margin so that you obtain 1-1=0.
    For the 2'nd another solution would be to move one stick from the equal sing to thebother side where the minus was and obtain 3=4-1.
    For tha 3'rd you coud make the reverse move from one and obtain from that 0 a 9 so you get 9-3=6. You could also resolve it by moving to sticks from the left of the six, one to the right of it to obtain a 3, and one just put it after the equal to obtain 0-3=-3.
    For the 4'th move the stick from the top of the 7 a little down to obtain 1-2=-1.
    For the 5'th move one stick from the + singn to the left side of the 3 to obrain 9-2=7

  6. "9" should have 5 sticks, not six. No one writes 9 that way.

  7. Change 1-2=7 to 1-2= -1
    Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy.

  8. For 1st one, 1-1=0
    2nd: change equal to sign to the left of 4
    3rd:make 0-3=6 as 8-3=5
    6th: 9-2=7

  9. I thought of 4 different types of solution to the 1-2 = 7 one. I notice one is excluded by the text in the first few seconds. That seems like a cheat. So someone thought of a solution you didn't intend, so what? Don't be a cheater and say "oh but we didn't mean THAT solution".

  10. #3 ko ek or tarike se solve karsakte he 0-3=6six ki last side vali ko hilakar 0 ko 8 banana or 8-3=5

  11. #2 seriuosly man?if 3-4is 1then 5-4 is also 1answer tho same hi tha na toh kya moving vgara thy isme koi sense hai ki nhi kon kon agree krta hai iss bat se like kro aur comments mai yes likho fastt

  12. For #6 change 3+2=7 by changing the vertical stick of 3 making it 5 to make it read 5+2=7

  13. for the last puzzle change 1st digit taking 1 stick from plus, so 3 becomes 9, plus becomes minus and we get 9-2=7

  14. On number three you could also make it 8-3=5

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